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Kamogawa Bakery Opens in Marutamachi, Kyoto

Kamogawa Bakery is a shop selling 80% of vegan-friendly bread, opens at the crossroad of Marutamachi, Kawaramachi, Kyoto. They use 100% domestic wheat and plant-based ingredients only in producing the bread, without dairy product such as butter and milk that is commonly used in bread. Of course, common people as well as vegetarian/vegan and those with egg or milk allergies can enjoy the product.

Mr. Miyazawa, the owner, said that in recent years, the number of people who have various styles of food in Japan and also around the world has increased, and he wants to respect each style and create a restaurant that everyone can enjoy together that motivate him to open the store despite the pandemic.

Instead of butter and milk, they use domestic soybeans that are familiar to the Japanese, and after repeated research, they successfully reproduced the taste of bread that Japanese people are accustomed to eating. Especially bread that is extremely popular and sells out quickly every day. Furthermore, they work on the promotion of local production for local consumption as a big goal without causing loss as much as possible based on the SDGs Goal no. 12 “Responsible consumption”.

This is a shop that not only residents of Kyoto, but also those who travel to Kyoto should definitely stop by.

Plant-based sticker in front of the shop

Vegan bread

Vegan matcha bagel

Chicken-like sandwich

Marinated mushrooms (focaccia)

Bolognese (focaccia)

Menu board in the shop (leaf mark is a vegan product)

Menu board in the shop (leaf mark is a vegan product)

Inside the shop

Kamogawa Bakery

Address 386 Kamigyo-ku, Iseya-cho, Kyoto 〒602-0873
Open hour 9:00-18:00(ends as soon as sold out)
Tel 075-746-7720
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