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Vegan Butter From That Popular Restaurant!

Avex Healthcare Empower LLC announced that the limited quantity of vegetable butter “FUJIHARU BUTTER -SOY MILK-” developed by chef Koji Fujiharu, is available on sale.

The butter was first served at the restaurant EPICURE in Motoazabu, Tokyo, where chef Fujiharu is the owner. He got a lot of requests from customers who want to have the butter at home.

“FUJIHARU BUTTER -SOY MILK-” is a patented vegetable butter that is made only with vegetable ingredients such as soymilk and that allows you to feel the umami and richness of butter. Unlike animal butter, margarine, and fat spreads, it features a mellow and gentle texture. The butter on sale is the “Awase Butter” set combining various flavors with soy milk butter, great to be enjoyed as a meal or as a dessert.

Price: 3,500 yen (including tax)
Net: 1 pcs(about 10 g)×6 flavors
Flavors: ・salt koji & black pepper ・herb garlic ・curry mustard ・berry ・raisin ・maple chocola
※ 28 kinds of allergen <soy>
Delivery period: mid Nov~end of Nov (delivery may take some time depending on the order status)


Developed by Chef Fujiharu, this butter is made using a patented manufacturing method that responds to the “diversity of food”, which is one step ahead of deliciousness. With this patented manufacturing method, not only vegetable butter but also whey remaining after making animal butter can be used for secondary use, so it not only supports dietary diversity but also prevents dairy farming. It is possible to contribute to making butter on the land and solving the problem of food loss.

◆ About「EPICURE」 
Restaurant name: EPICURE
Address: Modern Form 1F, 2-1-17 Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 〒106-0046
Opening hour: 11:30~15:00、18:00~23:00
Close on: Monday
<By reservation only> Place a reservation through the link below.