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Vegan Cafe “There There”

Vegan cafe “There There” will open on February 1st at Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture. They use organic or domestic ingredients for their meals. Of course, they do NOT use animal-derived food, white sugar, artificial flavorings and additives.

There There’s Menu With Carefully Selected Ingredients

Not a few people think “is it possible to get protein from vegan’s menu?” or “will vegan’s menu not be lack of nutrition?”.

All menus in vegan cafe “There There” served in well-balanced meals. Additionally, they are using organic ingredients like organic vegetables and organic rice, a healthy and earth friendly menus.

On the top of that, their menus went through trial and error, so that, everyone can enjoy the meals in satisfactory, even for those who usually eat fish or meat.

Lunch Menus 1,100 yen

・Lunch Plate : 5 types of delicatessen, green salad, brown rice

・Soup Lunch (Friday only): Today’s soup, 3 types of delicatessen, green salad, bread

・Brown Rice Bowl Lunch (First and third Saturday): Today’s brown rice bowl, 3 types of delicatessen, green salad

・Bread Lunch (Second and fourth Saturday): Today’s tarutinu/sandwich, 3 types of delicatessen, green salad

Sweets Menu

・Daily sweets (muffin, tart, cake etc.) 300 yen~

They serve 5 types of delicatessen and also use brown rice to make it nutritionally balanced menus. Tsukuba is known as a city that has many delicious bread shops and there are lots of bread lovers in Tsukuba. In “There There”, there are recommended bread menus for bread lovers.

Desserts menus are changed every week. They offer muffins, cheese cakes (do not contain cheese), chocolate desserts, etc. All dessert  made with beet sugar, maple syrup, coconut sugar and dates in stead of white sugar.

Also, they offer seasonal menus so customer can enjoy different menu in There There in every season.

Menus for all people

Many people come to “There There” such as people with health conscious, foreign residents, people with egg/dairy allergy. Dessert menus are all gluten free so people with wheat allergy can eat without any worry. Furthermore, all of their menus are basically do not contain alcohol.

If you have any preference about their food menus, please contact the staffs by the day before.

When you come to Tsukuba, please visit vegan cafe “There There”!


About Vegan Cafe “There There”

3-40-11 Gakuenno Mori, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0816
Friday, Saturday  11:30~15:00
Halal Gourmet Japan