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Water Life Theme Aquarium

Kamogawa Sea World is an aquarium located in Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture. Opened in October 1970, it holds a performance show of dolphins, sea lions, beluga whales, etc. The performance of killer whales or orca is extremely popular as you can only find it only at Nagoya Aquarium and Kamogawa Sea World.

Around 800 species and 11,000 creatures (from river and sea) are exhibited and bred in an environment that made close to their natural habitat under the theme of ‘water life’. It’s an aquarium where you can learn about the important life of natural creatures in a fun and easy way.

Powerful Spectacular Performance of  The Killer Whale!

Kamogawa Sea world has an exclusive performance stadium for the killer whale show. It can accommodate about 2,000 people and it called ‘Ocean Stadium’.  Kamogawa Sea World sits facing the sea with a wide view of the Pacific Ocean as the background of the Ocean Stadium so you can see the powerful performance.

The killer whales swim vigorously, put the trainer to ride their back, and jump high to entertain the visitors. A front row is recommended for those who want to experience powerful swim closely but be prepared to get soaked. Water-repellent ponchos are sold inside the aquarium, so wearing them and having fun with the killer whale will be one good memory.

Besides,  you can also see other performances show like dolphins, beluga whales, and sea lions in each designated stadium.




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Various Areas with Various Creatures from North Pole to South Pole

In Kamogawa Sea World, the creatures are divided into various areas and exhibited in an environment close to their natural habitat. We would like to introduce you to some of them!

‘Eco-Aqua Loam’ is an area where you can see river fishes such as char, sweet-fish, or rainbow-trout and sea fishes such as sunfish, Japanese spider crab, sea urchin, or sea anemone. There’s also a place that creates shore-like intense waves, so you can observe how the creatures live in that environment. Besides, you can enjoy the rays and sharks swimming gracefully.

‘Tropical Island’ is another area where colorful tropical fish, such as damselfish, butterflyfish, and anemone fish are exhibited. It’s an area that created as similar as the tropical area, such as tropical white sand beach and emerald green sea. You can feel the tropical breeze when seeing sea turtles swimming in the coral reefs.

There is ‘Rocky World’, the area that reproduces the five oceans, where California sea lions, harbor seals, walruses, steller sea lions, bottlenose dolphins, Humboldt penguins, etc live harmoniously.

In addition to ‘Polar Adventure’ with various types of penguins, ‘Sea Turtle Beach’ and ‘Pelican Pond’.




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Fun Events and Facilities

There’s an event called ‘Pelican Guidance’ where you can see pelicans taking a walk several times a day. The appearance of walking pelicans take to walk from ‘Pelican Pond’ into ‘Tropical Island’ is fascinating.
‘Discovery Guidance’ allows you to interact with the sea creatures, such as touching dolphins and beluga whales or taking pictures with sea lions.
In ‘Kurage (Jellyfish) Life’, more than 10 kinds of jellyfish swimming slowly and leisurely. Besides, in the video aquarium zone, you can create a water stream according to the movement of your hand and observe the ecology of jellyfish swimming in the stream.
There’s also a seasonal night event called ‘Night Adventure’. In this night event tour, you can see the precious appearance of nocturnal sea creatures and look behind the aquarium to observe areas and creatures’ life that you can’t usually see.

In addition, there are also events and programs you can enjoy throughout the day, such as ‘Wonderful Dolphins’ where you can swim with dolphins and ‘Feeding Time’ where you can observe the eating-scenery of sea creatures.

Address 1464-18 Higashi-Cho, Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture 296-0041
Tel 04-7093-4803
Business Hour Business hours vary depends on the day. Check homepage for details.
Entrance Fee 60 years and above:2,400 JPY
Adult (High School Students and above):3,000 JPY
Child (Elementary and Junior High Students) :1,800 JPY
Infant (4 years and above) :1,200 JPY
Access About 10 minutes by free shuttle bus from JR Awa-Kamogawa Station




〈「トロピカルアイランド・ナイトステイ」&「ロッキーワールド・ナイトステイ」開催〉 鴨川シーワールドでは、2020年3月20日(金)~22日(日)・27日(金)~3月29日(日)の6日間限定で「トロピカルアイランド・ナイトステイ」と「ロッキーワールド・ナイトステイ」を開催いたします。 2002年から開始した「ナイトステイ」は、累計参加者数50,000人にのぼる、鴨川シーワールドの大人気プログラムです。トロピカルアイランドでは、最深部に位置する大水槽「無限の海」の前で、ゆったりと泳ぐ魚たちの姿を眺めながら幻想的な一夜を過ごすことができます。また、ロッキーワールドでは、地階の水中観覧窓からイルカやアシカ・アザラシ、セイウチたちを地階の水中観覧窓から観察しながら夢のような一夜を過ごすことができます。 いずれのプログラムでも、夜の水族館探検「ナイトアドベンチャー」や、ベルーガのおでこにふれる「ベルーガにタッチ」、トロピカルアイランドの裏方を見学できるツアーなどが含まれており、大人も子供も心がときめく水族館体験をお楽しみいただけます。 また参加特典としてオリジナルレインポンチョをプレゼントいたします。さらに、参加当日と翌日の2日間に限り、イルカとのふれあいや笑うアシカと写真撮影ができるプログラムなど、様々なディスカバリーガイダンスの中から2種目まで事前予約いただけるため、鴨川シーワールドを存分に満喫できます。 ご予約は、2020年2月8日午前10:00から電話で受付いたします(先着順)。 特別な一夜を過ごせる鴨川シーワールドの「ナイトステイ」で、ご家族やご友人など、大切な方と春休みの思い出を作ってみてはいかがでしょうか。 ■トロピカルアイランド・ナイトステイ概要 ■ローキーワールド・ナイトステイ概要 @kamogawaseaworld #鴨川シーワールド #鴨川海洋世界 #kamosea #ナイトステイ #春休み

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Halal Restaurant in Chiba Prefecture

La Toque

Japanese curry that uses Japanese ingredients as the main menu in this restaurant has a taste that will satisfy not only Japanese but also foreign customers, also you can feel the cafe atmosphere because of the bright and casual interior inside the restaurant.

Address 〒282-0004
Narita Airport 2 Terminal 4th Floor, Chiba Prefecture 282-0004
Tel 0476-34-6193
Business Hour 7:30-20:30 (L.O.20:00)
Close Day Open all year around
Halal Gourmet Japan




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Airbnb Facilities Around