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Moomin Theme Park

“Moomin Valley Park” is a theme park with the theme of Moomin in Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture. Moomin Valley Park is located in a leisure park called “Metsä” with Moomin Valley Park and “Metsa Village”, a shopping mall where you can shop for Scandinavian miscellaneous goods available in the park.

In this theme park, you can experience mysterious world of Moomin.

About Moomin

Moomin is a character in a story created by a Finnish writer, Tove Jansson, which has many works such as novels, picture books, and comics.
The appearance of trolls from ancient Scandinavian folklore and the various events and lives of Moomin makes it has numbers of Moomin lovers all over the world. A troll is a kind of fairy in a broad sense, and it has various shapes and sizes. and what they have in common is that they look very similar to humans with large ears and nose and an ugly appearance. However, all the trolls that appear in Moomin are drawn cutely and are familiar characters.

So is Moomin a fairy (troll) too?
The answer is no. The author, Tove Jansson, introduces Moomin as the Swedish word “Varelser”, that means “something that exists”, or creatures that are hard to describe in words”. Moomin appears in a portray imaginary creature that is invisible but exists and close to us.

Moomin has lovely appearance, free-spirited way of life that inflate our imagination and draw us into a fun world.

Recreate The Moomin Valley Where Moomin Lives

Moomin Valley Park recreates the Moomin valley that appears in the story and is a healing spot with a Scandinavian atmosphere. Surrounded by lush greenery and lakes that are perfect to enjoy the breeze of the four seasons.
After passing through the “Welcome Gate” there with book-shaped objects with Moomin characters are lined, there are restaurants selling pancakes and shops selling Moomin goods.

There are bathing hut, a Moomin mansion, and a lighthouse that appears in the story sit in the park. They are recreated based on the drawings left by Tove Jansson and the diorama of his friend.
In addition, “Emma’s Theater” where you can see a drama by Moomin and his friends, “KOKEMUS” where you can relive the life of Tove Jansson and Moomin, and experience the adventure in the ocean of the sea at the morphing theater. There are many facilities that are exciting for Moomin lovers, such as the “Merenhuiske” attraction.

Moomin Valley Park Events

“Adventure Walk”, an attraction that appears only at night, is a new type of attraction where you can experience the feeling that the real world and virtual world are connected by sound and light. The vibrant light of illumination and the sound of Sound AR ™ gives a special experience of Moomin Valley Park.
Based on the original story “Spring Search”, the “SPRING FESTIVAL” expresses the joy of Snufkin’s creation and loneliness, art-directed by Masaru Suzuki who designs global brands. Besides, there are various events such as “Moomin Valley and Umbrella” where 1200 colorful umbrellas decorate the passageway.

Address 327-6 Miyazawa, Hanno, Saitama 357-0001
TEL 0570-03-1066
Opening Hour 10:00〜20:00 (open all year round)
Admission Adult (junior high school and above): advance sale 2,300 yen, on the day sale 2,500 yen
Children (above 4 y.o but under elementary school): advance sale 1.300 yen, on the day sale 1,500円
A separate fee is required for each facility. Please see the homepage for details.
Access ・Ride a bus board for “Metsa” from Hanno station north exit
・5.4 km from Sayama Hidaka Interchange to via prefectural road 262

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