Written by: Zhafira Aqyla

Our February edition of Gems in Japan had the honor to chat with two amazing speakers who are experts and key players within the Japanese Halal industry.

Mr. Shinya Yokoyama, Food Diversity Co-Founder

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Our first speaker was Mr. Shinya Yokoyama, the co-founder of Halal Media Japan (now known as Food Diversity Inc.) and the author of a recently-published book 「おいしいダイバーシティ」(Oishii Daibāshiti) which translates to “Delicious Diversity”.

He shared with us his and his partner’s journey of spreading an understanding of the importance of food diversity in Japan’s F&B industry, emphasizing its critical influence on Japan’s ambition to become a global country. Today, Food Diversity Inc. has grown into an influential consulting and advertising business that caters to all sorts of food diversity, including Halal, Vegan and Vegetarian, Kosher, gluten-free, and other allergies.

Travel Consultant, Ms. Khamisah Salamat

We also discussed the development of Muslim-friendly tourism with our guest speaker, Mrs. Khamisah Salamat, a travel enthusiast who has been traveling to Japan for the past 27 years of her career witnessed firsthand how much Japan has grown in terms of accommodating their Muslim tourists.

Mrs. Khamisah shared how 27 years prior, it was extremely difficult for her to find Halal food in Japan. As a tourist guide, she shared that she would pack food from her home country for emergencies. Other times, she would have to make phone calls to restaurants to explain what Halal food is and what kind of ingredients are allowed or restricted.

She expressed her gratitude towards companies like Halal Media Japan which made halal tourism easier and hopes that Japan will continue with this strategy to revitalize tourism post-COVID-19.

Watch the Instagram live here