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Japan Starts Accepting International Tourists in Small Group On Trial Basis by This Month

Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism announced on 17 May 2022, that they are planning to do a demonstration experiment in opening the border and accepting international tourists by this month.

The government announcement on 17 May 2022

The international tourists targeted are in a small group tour on a trial basis and people who have been vaccinated three times from 4 countries; the USA, Australia, Thailand, and Singapore, where the infection status of the mutant strain is considered to be relatively calm.

The purpose of the demonstration experiment is to create guidelines for tourist operators by verifying the methods of getting international tourists to take thorough infection control measures during the tour and how to correspond when infected people come out.

Tourism is one of the most important aspects of boosting Japan’s economy. The government is considering a gradual resumption in opening the border and accepting international tourists from next month, by carefully assessing the infection situation within Japan as well as abroad.

Tourism Industries Starts The Preparation

This announcement brings fresh air to the tourism industry. Tourism industries such as hotels and souvenir shops (in which most customers were foreign tourists) are starting the preparation in welcoming international tourists after the announcement. A lot of tourism industries do not be able to make a move during the border closed and struggle to maintain their businesses.

On the other hand, the citizens are worried if the infection will spread more when international tourists come to Japan.

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