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The Gateway To and From Japan

Haneda International Airport is our favorite gate to enter and exit from Japan. Known not only for its excellent hospitality and the latest technology, but it is also well-known as one of the most comfortable airports, in addition to is being named as the world’s cleanest airport in the 2021 World Airport Awards. The airport is facilitated with 3 terminals, 2 terminals for domestic flights, and 1 terminal for international flights.

After a long time, we visited to check the current situation in the airport.

Shops Closed but Visitors Allowed to Enjoy The Deck

Still in the pandemic, in addition to the spread prevention measures applied, almost no flight counter open except JAL and ANA. The terminal is too quiet with just a few people, that busy international terminal we used to see a few years ago was just like a dream. Both departure and arrival floors are slack with the number of international flights were canceled.

The current look of Haneda Aiport International Terminal (Departures)

International airlines’ counters are closed

Only a few airport staff are ready near some counters

International arrival

We only found 3 to 4 shops open and the customers are only the airport’s staff at the Edo Koji.  Edo Koji is a must-visit place when visiting Haneda Airport’s International Terminal. The area is filled with Japanese-style restaurants and shops which normally is beautifully appear in seasonal as well as Japanese-style decoration, including a huge Nihonbashi (bridge) and a wall with a lot of Ema (small wooden plaques used for writing wishes, usually found in shrines).

Edo Koji

A wall where a lot of ema with wishes

The deck is open, which allows visitors to enjoy the view of the runway and airplane parking area. The deck is spacious so you don’t need to be worry to get too close to other visitors. We saw a number of visitors with families visiting the deck or those with cameras, pointing to the airplanes.

If you are lucky, you can catch the moment when an airplane take-off or landing!

International Terminal Observation Deck

View from the deck

International passengers who arrived at Haneda Airport are required to not use public transportation (including the airport’s shuttle bus). The announcement is made everywhere.

Announcement for the international passengers to not use public transportation

The empty International Terminal Monorail platform

Prayer Rooms at The International Terminal

There are two prayer rooms in the terminal that are still available for use by a limited number of people. One room is limited to 5 people while the other one is 11 people. Those who want to use the room have to contact the staff from the intercom attached right beside the door.

Available locker and wudu’ place inside the rooms.

Two prayer rooms at the international terminal

Users need to contact the staff by an intercom before using

The room is spacious and facilitated with wudu space

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