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Mazemen, Japanese Ramen Without Broth

Most people are familiar enough with Japanese ramen, which is already known worldwide. Actually, there are some kinds of ramen that exist and one of them is mazemen, which literally means “mixed noodles” (maze means “mix”, men means “noodles”).

Mazemen is a kind of Japanese ramen that comes without broth. It is served on ramen noodles topped with meat, green onions, etc, with sauce.

Halal Mazemen at Akihabara’s NikoNiko

NikoNiko is a Muslim-friendly restaurant that opened in January 2021, run by a Srilankan Muslim named Aja-san who stays in Japan for more than 7 years.

NikoNiko Mazemen and Curry in Akihabara

The shop is focusing its menu on mazemen and curry. Mazemen is available in three main flavors; miso, salt, and soy sauce (available in spicy too!), while the curry menu is available in eight flavors, from the popular chicken cutlet curry to vegetable curry. Their recommended are potage curry noodles and Srilankan curry!

More about NikoNiko’s menu

Srilankan Curry

The shop is located along the main street in front of Asakusa Station in Tokyo that is comfortably accessed.

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