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Japanese Halal Curry by a Simple Click on Amazon Japan

Japanese curry is one of the most favorites Japanese cuisine among Muslims in Japan. Not only because curry is familiar enough with Muslims, but also with its unique taste that is different from Indian curry. If you ever have Japanese curry, we believe you know what we meant!

It’s not that easy to find a halal and vegetarian/vegan-friendly curry shop in Japan, but you can make it at home! These are some Japanese curry roux you can get simply from Amazon Japan.

S&B Golden Curry

S&B is one of the largest spice producers in Japan. Among all of the curry roux variations they have, S&B launched Golden Curry in medium hot which has no animal-derived ingredients. It comes in 1kg packaging.

Price: 1,350 yen.

S&B Golden Curry on Amazon Japan.

Nichirei Foods “Friendly Dining”

Nichirei is one of the largest food producers in Japan, mostly known for its delicious frozen foods. They launched animal-free and alcohol-free keema curry using soy meat. It comes in an aluminum pouch, 5 packs per set with 170 g each.

Price: 1,080 yen.

Friendly Dining Soy Meat Keema Curry.

Organic Curry

Organic curry is a vegan curry that is free from animal-derived ingredients. It comes in 3 packs and 6 packs per set with 150 g each, available in medium hot.

Price : 2,074 yen (3 packs) and 3,731 yen (6 packs).

Organic Curry (3 packs) and Organic Curry (6 packs) on Amazon Japan.

Kagome Soy Meat Spinach Curry

Kagome is a Japanese company known for its tomato-based foods and fruit/vegetable juices. They launch vegan-certified spinach curry that uses soy meat and with no animal-derived ingredients. The curry uses stir-fried onion that brings sweetness, vegetable broth, and plenty of vegetables such as spinach, carrot, and more that brings out umami.

The curry is available in 5 packs in a set with 170 g each.

Price: 1,409 yen.

Kagome Soy Meat Spinach Curry on Amazon Japan.

House Vegetable Curry

House is one of the famous food manufacturers in Japan. They launched vegetarian-certified vegetable curry with the aroma of ginger and garlic, which comes in a rich taste. The curry does not use animal-derived ingredients other than dairy ingredients, available 5 pcs per set with 117 g each.

Price: 1,339 yen.

House Vegetable Curry on Amazon Japan.

Kyoto Fushimi Rice Flour Curry Roux

The curry roux uses 13 types of spices which offers an authentic taste of curry that is vegan, gluten-free, and allergen-free, in addition to no animal-derived ingredients, no chemical seasonings, and no additives. Comes in a simple yet chic white packaging and is available in 100 g.

Price: 972 yen

Kyoto Fushimi Rice Four Curry Roux on Amazon Japan.

Soken Vegetable Curry Retort

Soken’s vegetable curry is a 100% plant-based curry that brings out the sweet and rich flavor of vegetables. It uses Japan’s domestic vegetables such as carrot, potato, onion, and more. Available in 3, 4, and 5 packs per set with 210 g each.

Price: 1,090 yen (3 packs), 1,510 yen (4 packs).

(Mild taste) Soken Vegetable Curry Retort 3 packs, 4 packs on Amazon Japan.
(Medium spicy) Soken Vegetable Curry Retort (5 packs) on Amazon Japan.