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Muslimah Beauty Salon in Tokyo

Being a Muslim minority country, it is quite difficult to find a Muslimah friendly salon in Japan since most of salon are with male staffs or worries in kinds of products used. However, the needs of beauty, such as hair cut, hair treatment etc leads some salons to offers Muslimah friendly services.

These are Muslimah-friendly beauty salon you can try in Tokyo. Please note that you need to make a reservation in advance for each salon (please refer to each salon’s individual link below).

Yuki Work (Yoyogi Uehara, Tokyo)

Yuki Work that is located at 10 min walk from the famous Tokyo Camii Mosque (5 min walk from Yoyogi Uehara station), has a private cozy salon that allows you to relax while having a hair care using all plant-based products. Besides of hair cut, you can enjoy relaxing head message as well as experience hair color with a halal-certified and vegan certified botanical hair coloring products! Also, you can do pray inside the salon.

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Solpisca (Ebisu, Tokyo)

Known as a pioneer of Muslimah beauty salon in Tokyo, Solpisca is a favorite beauty salon especially by expatriates. Located  at the 5 min walk from Ebisu station, Solpisca provides private and covered space when serving Muslim customers. Of course, with female staff. Solpisca also using products with natural ingredients. They also have space if you want to do pray.

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Roops (Minami-Aoyama/Omotesando, Tokyo)

Roops is one of a popular beauty salon that is visited by a lot of famous and influential people, known with its quality in haircut, styling, and nail care etc, with a concept of “natural beauty” to “sophisticated women. For Muslimah customers, you can enjoy the services in a complete private room with a halal-friendly products and female staffs.

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UNIX (Omiya, Saitama)

UNIX Omiya branch started the Muslimah friendly service and comes as the pioneer of Muslimah friendly beauty salon in Saitama. Located at the 6th floor of the ARCHE building in front of the Omiya Station (west exit), UNIX Omiya branch has a private room for Muslimah with various of services from hair cut to head spa. You also can do pray there.

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