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My First Experience at UNIX Salon & Spa!

The service is no longer available.

Every Muslim woman (Muslimah) must cover their hair with Hijab while going out, to hide the beauty from men other than their own family.

That is why it is worrisome for the Muslimah to have a haircut in Japan.

There are numerous of us who go to the hairdresser when we return to our home country or even get a haircut from our own family since we are worried that our hair would be seen by the other male customers or the male hairdresser.

But I have good news to share with all the Muslimah who’ve been struggling to have a haircut in Japan.

UNIX Salon & Spa at Omiya Station in Saitama Prefecture has started a Muslimah-friendly service!

MUSLIMA BEAUTY signboard at the storefront

Right in front of the Omiya Station!

The salon is located on the 6th floor of the ARCHE building in front of the Omiya Station (west exit).

The staffs welcome me with a gracious smile, which gives me this comfortable feeling.

Once I entered the salon, the female staff guided me to the private room.

Private Room for Muslimah!

I’m relieved and amazed with the service they serve me as a Muslimah, with a full blind curtain that covers the room from the others.

Hair Cut Experience!

Considering the Muslimah-friendly service, all of the products used are alcohol-free.

Needless to say, the best experience after 6 months of having a haircut.

Apart from a haircut, there is also a perm and hair color too.


Cut, Shampoo, Styling  ¥7000

Perm, Cut, Shampoo, Styling  ¥16000

Straight, Cut, Shampoo, Styling  ¥23000

Color, Cut, Shampoo, Styling  ¥16000

Treatment  ¥5000+
*Please refer here for more detail*

First Head Spa!

Besides the hair cut stalling, you can also experience the ‘Head Spa’.
*The cream used is alcohol-free and animal-free.

Before the head spa, you can choose your favorite aroma oil.

I get ahead massage using the special cream and my preferred aroma oil.

Without me knowing I fall to sleep since I enjoyed the head massage.


Head Spa(Shampoo & Styling) ¥7000
Facial treatment ¥7000

Prayer Space!

UNIX salon also provides the prayer space!
So, you can do your prayer before or after having the haircut without any worry.

Female staff, private room, and up to prayer space, definitely a great Muslimah-friendly service!
Recommended to the Muslimah residents.


Please make a reservation through phone number 048-631-0005.
WEB reservation:

Phone number 048-631-0005
Address Saitama Prefecture Omiya-ku, Sakuragicho 2-1-1, Omiya ARCHE Building 6F
Business hour 10:00~19:00
Regular holiday Open throughout the year (Correspond to Omiya Arche)