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The Recommended Muslimah Friendly Salon, YUKI WORK!

Halal foods and prayer space are two essential things for Muslim, however for Muslimah (Muslim women), the needs on beauty service is also necessary.

Muslimah is wearing hijab on their daily life, only families who can see body part covered with hijab such as hair, so they can’t go to common salon for having hair care such as hair cut or treatment.

There, located at 5 min walk from Yoyogi Uehara station and 10 min walk from the famous mosque also known as popular sightseeing spot, Tokyo Camii, YUKI WORK salon started Muslimah friendly beauty service!

Muslimah friendly salon, YUKI WORK

Very nice location, just 5 min walk from Yoyogi Uehara station!

YUKI WORK is on the 2nd floor of the building. Two salon seats, large mirror, and calming leaves interior decoration are welcoming you to the salon.

This salon is really calming with nice private atmosphere that will let you calm and relax.

Nice private atmosphere

YUKI WORK’s owner, Ms. Yuki, is in charge by herself on Muslimah hair care, so Muslimah customers can enjoy hair care here in ease.

Ms. Yuki and Muslimah customer are discussing about hair style and hair color

Hair Cut, Hair Color

In welcoming Muslimah customer, YUKI WORK is using non-alcohol non-animal hair care products. From hair shampoo, hair treatment, to head spa cream, all are completely organic plant derived products.

Organic shampoo and treatment

Hair color product has halal mark as well as vegan mark, and made in Japan! As completely botanical hair color, it is gentle product and does not damage the hair.

Hair color product

There is halal mark and vegan mark

Low inflammatory and does not produce strong smell, even pregnant woman can enjoy hair color comfortably.

Besides of botanical hair color, YUKI WORK also has henna coloring in dark and brown color, which can be blended according to request.


Hair cut  6,000 yen
Hair color 6,000 yen
(usage of halal mark and botanical color +1000 yen)

Head Spa

Besides of hair cut and hair color, you can enjoy head spa too! Of course it is also using completely plant-derived head spa cream.

Products line used on head spa. From left to right : aroma oil, head spa cream, scalp treatment

Head spa cream blended with aroma oil, then applied to head while massaging. It cares scalp while promotes better blood circulation to promote healthy hair.

Enjoy the massage together with flavorful aroma oil blended is so relaxing, you’ll fall asleep without knowing it!

Aroma oil available from relaxing lavender, orange, rosemary, until refreshing peppermint, you can choose your favorite aroma!

Aroma oil


Head spa
15 min 2,500 yen
30 min 4,500 yen

There is Prayer Space too!

You can do pray at YUKI WORK !
Prayer mat is available at YUKI WORK, so you can pray in ease before or after having hair care!

From hair cut, hear treatment to head spa, Muslimah customer is greatly pleased with YUKI WORK services!

Enjoy Kimono and Yukata!

In YUKI WORK, you can enjoy not only beauty service, but also wearing kimono or yukata. How if wearing kimono or yukata and have a walk around Yoyogi Uehara/Shibuya area?


Kimono:7,000 yen
Yukata :4,000 yen

(Reservation on the day also accepted)


Yoyogi Uehara tt Building 2F , 10-8 Motoyoyogi-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 〒151-0062
10:30 – 20:00
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