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Muslim Women’s First Haircut in Hokkaido

On April 21, 2023, two Muslim women in Asahikawa, Hokkaido had their first-ever professional haircut as part of the test market for a mobile salon set to launch in the prefecture in the near future. FINO hair salon partnered with the test market by providing private rooms and using halal and vegan products to ensure that Wahyu and Retasha had the best experience possible.

Indonesian nationals Wahyu and Retasha had never been to a salon in Japan before and had always cut their own hair or with the help of friends. They were excited to try getting a haircut, especially to cut their bangs.

Stylist Kawamura consulted with Wahyu and Letasha on their preferences and needs for a haircut, as well as introduced vegan and halal products that are going to be used.

As they both wore hijabs, Kawamura suggested a haircut that would be easier for them to style and also made sure to accommodate their desired hairstyle by avoiding discrepancies in the overall hair length to make it easier to put on the hijab after the cut. Both Wahyu and Letasha were satisfied with the outcome!

Aside from the haircut, the salon used a vegan-friendly shampoo that Wahyu and Letasha really enjoyed. “This is my first time experiencing shampoo in Japan’s hair salon. The shampoo was so comfortable that I almost fell asleep!” they said. The salon even gave them samples of the product as a gift. Kawamura also provided them with advice on how to take care of their hair at home.

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According to Wahyu and Letasha, there is limited public transportation available in their area, so they would appreciate a “mobile salon” that would come to them instead of having to travel. They were overjoyed with their new hairstyles and the salon’s hospitality. The salon’s willingness to cater to their needs made them feel welcomed and comfortable in their new environment.

Overall, the experience was a success, marking a significant step towards greater inclusivity and cultural understanding. With the planned launch of the mobile salon in the near future, it is hoped that more people will have access to these important services.

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