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All Plant-Based Kissa, Komeda Is □

Komeda Is □ is an all plant-based kissa (means “coffee shop”, taken from the word kissaten) located at Higashi Ginza, Tokyo, managed by the long-established classic coffee shop chain, Komeda Coffee. The Komeda Is □ comes in a concept of “the best place to relax” (as the basic concept of Komeda Coffee since its establishment) and carried out sustainable activities, offers a relaxing and welcoming space that allows customers to get relax while enjoying a cup of coffee and plant-based meals.

“Let’s make a day to rest from meat”. This is an idea from Komeda.

Get Relax and Back To The Nature at Komeda Is □

If the Komeda coffee shops are dominated by red sofas and wooden furnishings, Komeda Is □ looks outstanding with hanging greeneries, green sofas, and wooden furnishing, giving a warm and welcoming atmosphere with relaxing yellow-orange lighting. Komeda Is □ is the first Komeda shop that offers all plant-based meals and drinks, as well as the first shop that offers alcoholic beverages.

The seats are separated with a high wooden partition that keeps the privacy of each customer. There are counter seats for one person which is rare to see at the common Komeda coffee shops.

There is a monitor attached to the table, with some information about sustainable goals the Komeda Is □ sets. We can choose meals and drinks we want and place an order from the monitor. We were visiting there at dinner time and were surprised how fast the drinks and meals came to our table.

Plant-Based Meals and Drinks

Today we had their signature dish, Beppin Burger avo-teri (with potato), together with mix sandwich plate, soy ham katsu sandwich, shironoir, almond coffee au lait, and coffee oats au lait.

The avo-teri is a voluminous burger (as we were surprised at how large the size is!) with plenty of avocado slices, a large cut of vegetables, and a rich taste of teriyaki sauce at a price of 1,280 yen. When placing an order, we can choose how many cuts we want the burger to come and how we want the spicy mayo to come (separated or not). Also, there is a confirmation that there might be contamination of milk and egg before the order is correctly placed.

The patty used in Beppin Burger series is all from soy meat, but we bet you will not even notice! That soy’s typical flavor doesn’t there, just feeling like you eat the real meat but way lighter and easy to eat!

Beppin burger avo-teri (with potato)

Mix sandwich plate comes in egg paste, soy ham, and fresh lettuce filling, together with a colorful salad and potato with a price of 1,280 yen. The sandwich has a nice texture with a combination of moist yet chewy bread, soft egg paste and ham, and crips lettuce.

Mix sandwich plate

The soy katsu sandwich comes in the thick size of katsu and at a price of 1,180 yen. We were extremely surprised at how meaty the soy katsu tasted! The rich taste of katsu sauce and crisp tasty vegetables meet nicely with soy katsu. Definitely will repeat when we have a chance to visit the kissa again!

Soy ham katsu sandwich

As the dessert, we had Komeda Coffee’s signature shironoir at a price of 880 yen. Shironoir at Komeda Is □ comes in a plant-based danish pastry topped with soy milk ice cream and a piece of raspberry. The crunchy danish pastry tastes perfect with the soft touch of soy milk ice cream. A masterpiece you should not miss! Enjoy it with maple syrup to complete your experience of enjoying a plant-based shironoir!

Plant-based shironoir

If some of us might not good at coffee with plant-based milk like soy, almond, or oats, we bet you can deliciously have them all here at Komeda Is □! We challenged ourselves to had an almond coffee au lait and coffee oats au lait. Actually, we were a bit worried if the almond or oats taste stronger than the coffee, but the drinks we had are beyond expectation! The almond and oats milk blend smoothly with the coffee and enhance the taste of the coffee itself!

Ice almond coffee au lait (left), coffee oats au lait (right)

Same with the regular Komeda Coffee, Komeda Is □ offering morning service consisting of bread with selectable toppings; jam, red bean paste, soy milk cream cheese, and seasonal soup. Morning service is available from 07:00 to 11:00 every day.

Our experience at Komeda Is □ was amazing! We enjoyed ourselves as we can be relaxed enjoying meals and drinks without being bothered by the busyness of the metropolitan city, and were satisfied with the light feeling of the stomach which we can’t get when eating meat. Even the shop is located in the busy Ginza, it is surprisingly calm inside the shop.

For those who are not good with soy or egg, this might be not your thing. However, for those who are interested in plant-based foods, Komeda Is □ is a nice place to visit.


There is alcohol content used in seasonings and additive ingredients, per confirmation to the shop on 1 February 2022.

Allergy information


2 mins walk from Higashi Ginza station (Hibiya line or Asakusa line).
10 mins walk from Ginza station (Ginza line).
15 mins walk from JR Yurakucho station.

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