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If you are cafe hoppers living in Japan, or are planning to go to Japan but want to enjoy Japan like the locals, these are Muslim-friendly and vegetarian/vegan-friendly cafes you can visit for an amazing cafe-hopping adventure!

SOLEIL (Ginza, Tokyo)

Soleil has attracts a lot of attention since its opening in 2020! The restaurant offers splendid all halal sweets and drinks that you can enjoy especially during the cafe time between 14:00〜17:00! Besides halal foods, they have a number of vegan foods too.

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GOWELL CAFE Ginza (Tokyo)

Gowell Cafe offers a great place for everyone to interact with each other in a cozy atmosphere. The cafe has Muslim-friendly drinks but you will need to check with the staff about the availability of halal food. There is a convenient prayer space available in the cafe!

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KOMEDA is □ (Higashi Ginza, Tokyo)

KOMEDA is □” is the first all-vegan cafe from Japan’s famous coffee shop chain “Komeda”. Set up in Higashi Ginza, the cafe comes with the concept of “Relaxing with the earth”, introducing an opinion to get ourselves a rest from animal-derived foods, which is good not only for our bodies but also for the earth.

They offer a number of vegan foods by arranging Komeda’s typical foods and drinks that make those who are not even a vegan, can enjoy relaxing time in the cafe.

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Kopikalyan Tokyo (Harajuku, Tokyo)

Kopikalyan Tokyo is an official Japanese branch of Indonesia’s Kopikalyan, set up in teenagers district, Harajuku. The cafe that is roaster specialty, offers Indonesian authentic coffee because Indonesia is one of the coffee producers in the world and Indonesian comfort foods.

There is a prayer space inside the cafe!

Ritz’n (Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Pref)

Ritz’n is a cafe set up in Tsukuba city, Ibaraki Prefecture that serves a variety of vegetarian foods. Owned by a Japanese owner, the cafe brings vegetarian and vegan foods more familiar to Japanese society. Besides heavy vegetarian and vegan foods such as vegan burgers and lunch meal sets, the restaurant also offers plant-based sweets and drinks.

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