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GREEN CRAFT, A Product Made From The Customer Voices Who Want to Have Plant-Based Haagen-Dazs

Haagen-Dazs Japan launched a new product line up with soymilk-based named GREEN CRAFT on 31 August 2020, limited to the Hokkaido area.

About the product concept (from Official Website (in Japanese))
This is a product of Haagen-Dazs made from plant-based milk,
with rich taste and the unique lightness of plant-based.
Good for body and mind.
The new Haagen-Dazs is born.

Two flavors of GREEN CRAFT by Haagen-Dazs; plain and chocolate & macadamia.

There are two flavors in the series, which are soymilk plain and soymilk chocolate & macadamia, which come in 110 ml with a price of 319 yen (including tax).

However, it uses egg yolk so vegans need to watch out.


We can feel the creamy soy milk taste from the first bite! Even without using milk, we firmly feel the rich taste of Haagen-Dazs and the high-class smooth texture.


Similarly, the taste of creamy soy milk was firmly felt from the first bite! This is a product that allows us to enjoy the perfect harmony of luxurious chocolate and macadamia nuts which come in melting smooth texture.

Where to Purchase

Haagen-Dasz Green Craft series can be purchased at convenience stores, supermarkets, and other retail stores within the Hokkaido area.

Note that the product is only available in Hokkaido.

Soymilk (Plant-Based) Products VS Regular Products

Both flavors do not have the thin taste that is typical of soy milk products, in addition to the fine taste and smooth texture of Haagen-Dazs quality. We have the impression that the taste of creamy soy milk is brought out firmly without trying to reproduce the taste of milk, so there is no need to discuss which is better in comparison to regular Haagen-Dazs products.

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