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“GOWELL TOWN”, a few minutes’ walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Station, is a free cafe for foreigners operated by a sponsor. This cafe is established by Asian interpreter company “GOWELL”.

All foreigners who come to the cafe are free to use Wi-Fi, outlets and drinks.
Not only can you search for information or have trouble consultation in your native language, you can also freely use the room for social gatherings or club activities with people from the same language speaking country.

In addition, it can be a new place for foreigners living in Japan to meet Japanese people, such as companies that want to hire foreigners and companies that develop services targeting at foreigners.

Lots of Services for Free!

︎Free Interaction Events & Study Sessions

Exciting events and meetings are held regularly in the community, which consists of people from various countries, including Indonesia.We provide a comfortable place where people can have great new meetings.

Prayer Space is Available

Feel free to use the prayer space. You can visit GOWELL TOWN just for the purpose to use the prayer space, so please stop by when you visit Ginza for meals or shopping. 
*Note that the Prayer Space is available during GOWELL TOWN’s operation hour (11:30AM-7:00PM except Wed/Sun/holidays). Please notify staff member before using the room.

︎Free Wi-Fi, Outlets and Drinks are Available

In the common space, you can enjoy using free Wi-Fi, outlets and drinking free water. Also, you can buy halal snacks here so no worries if you are bit hungry…!

Address 3-8-13 Ginza3- Bld, Ginza, Chuo Ku, Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan
TEL 03-5962-8052
Available Time 11:30AM-7:00PM (except Wed/Sun/holidays)