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The Finest Shiitake Mushroom Ever!

Vegan restaurant Saido offers a new lunch menu, “Donko Shiitake Mushroom Noodles”! Before we dig more about the menu, let’s get closer to the Donko shiitake mushroom first.

Donko shiitake mushroom is one of the well-known yet famous types of shiitake which has a meaty chewy texture and is rich in umami flavor. It comes in a round shape with a large thick cap.

The shiitake mushroom used by Saido is carefully cultivated by Mr. Takashi, a shiitake farmer in Yamada-cho, Iwate Prefecture that had received the Prime Minister’s Award eight times at the shiitake mushroom show. Kusumoto chef from Saido directly visits the cultivation in March 2022 and makes a direct purchase contract with the farmer.

The new lunch meal, “Donko Shiitake Mushroom Noodles”, uses the Donko shiitake mushroom luxuriously as you can feel the rich umami and flavor. Make sure to give a bite of the shiitake mushroom so that you can feel how thick and pleasant the texture is. Only the sophisticated sweetness remains in your mouth that gives the best taste ever!

The meal is available in a lunch course at a price of 2,200 yen. Saido is quite popular so make sure to place a reservation to secure your seat.

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