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Yukikessho Mushroom, One of The Finest Mushroom Awarded by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries

Yukikessho shiitake mushroom is a kind of high-price mushroom that has a value of 1,500 yen per pcs (normal shiitake is 1,756 yen/kg in January 2022, according to jpmarket-conditions), and has won Japan Prime Minister’s Awards many times.

Yamada no Shiitake (Shimohei-gun, Yamada-cho, Iwate Prefecture)

The mushroom is being sold at 3,000 yen per 2 pcs

Vegan restaurant SAIDO in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo uses this luxury shiitake mushroom on their superb dinner course! The restaurant offers a wide range of vegan, halal, and oriental vegetarian meals, from authentic Japanese courses to Japanese meals that Japanese people usually eat such as ramen, katsudon, and unaji, and are very satisfying.

SAIDO’s chef, Mr. Kusumoto visit the farm and choose the shiitake on his own

The Dinner Course

(The contents may vary depends on season)


Cheese and Okayama’s dried shine muscat

Cheese and Okayam’s dried shine muscat

Yukikessho and turnip bowl

Uses plenty of Yukikessho’s broth

Yakitori (grilled chicken)

Unadon (eel rice)

Wild vegetable tempura

Yukikessho steak and spring vegetables

Yukikessho steak and spring vegetables

Truffle noodles


The Taste

Yukikessho and turnip bowl meal use plenty and luxuriously of yukikessho broth which is amazing! We’ve never been tasted this before!

According to Chef Kusumoto, it takes a full two days just to return dried Yukikessho shiitake to normal, then followed by the work to bring out the umami into the broth.

The main dish is the yukikessho mushroom steak and spring vegetables, which have a surprisingly elegant scent. The first bite will wrap your mouth with a silky touch and juice that overflowing in every bite that you have never experienced before. It has a sweet after-taste, completely different from the shiitake mushroom we’ve been having before. It’s a masterpiece!

Each dish has great taste, is beautifully served, and is surely satisfying. In addition to its reasonable price of 8,800 yen. The reservation of this course is required since it needs time to turn the mushroom back from drying.

Restaurant name Saido
Address 2-15-10 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 〒152-0035
TEL 03-5726-9500
Opening Hour 12:00〜20:00(L.O. 19:30)※Opening hour is shortened due to COVID-19
Closed on Wednesday
Yukikessho Dinner Course 8,800 yen