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Every season in Japan has its own events and celebrations. During summer that lasts from May to early September, there are many events to enliven the humid hot summer which we used to enjoy every year before the pandemic attacked. When everything settles, these are some activities and events you can expect to enjoy when visiting Japan in summer.

1. Climb Mount Fuji

Summer is the perfect season to challenge yourself to conquer Mount Fuji! During the season, the mountain is usually free of snow and blessed with mild weather that is perfect to climb. Also, trails and facilities near and in the mountain (including mountain huts) are operating during this period.

There is an official website for Mount Fuji climbing that is necessary to check before your departure.

sunrise view from the top of Mount Fuji

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2. Wear Yukata and Stroll Around Traditional Japanese Cityscape

Wearing this Japanese traditional summer cloth and strolling around is what we are eagerly want to try while visiting Japan in summer! Different from kimono, yukata is more casual and made from cotton to keep you cool and comfortable during summer. It is usually worn when attending casual occasions such as summer festivals or fireworks festivals, but you also can wear it when visiting a traditional cityscape of Japan, such as Kyoto and Kawagoe!

3. Visit Beautiful Beaches

Talking about summer, play at a beach is one of the popular activities among the Japanese. You will easily find water-resistant goods at miscellaneous goods shops once summer is just on the corner. Especially during the summer holiday and Obon holiday, you may find beaches packed with people.


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4. Enjoy Fireworks

Fireworks festivals are one of the most long-awaited events during summer. There are famous fireworks festivals across Japan that performs a high level of fireworks arts that brighten the clear summer night, such as the Sumida River Fireworks Festival in Tokyo, Akagawa Fireworks Festival in Yamagata prefecture,


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5. Eat Kakigori

Summer in Japan is identical to kakigori, a Japanese shaved ice dessert flavored with sweet syrup to beat the humidity! Kakigori can be easily found everywhere, from stalls at a shopping arcade or even at a restaurant.

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