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Ramune, A Soft Drink That Refreshing In The Hot Day

Ramune is Japan’s famous carbonated soft drink which is commonly enjoyed (and sometimes only available in) summer, popular among kids and adults. The word came from the English word “lemonade”. It comes in a heavy blue glass bottle with a sealed mouth and a unique dent bottleneck (cod neck) with marble. The marble has the function of keeping the carbonation inside.

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Is Ramune Halal?

Back to the topic. Ramune is made from fructose corn syrup, acidulants, flavoring, and calcium lactate. Roughly said, it doesn’t have any ingredients related to animal or alcohol content. Simply, it is a standard soda drink.

What Does It Taste Like?

Some say that it tastes sweet lemon flavor while some say it tastes more like sweet gum. However, it is pretty difficult to describe the taste as it is so unique and original, that’s why it is commonly said as “ramune flavor”.

There are a variety of flavors coming out these days, such as ramune grape flavor, strawberry flavor, etc with various colors in the packaging. If it is your first time having ramune, we recommend trying the blue glass one as it is the normal/original taste before moving to the arranged flavor.

The Uniqueness of Ramune

It is a challenge opening the seal!

The design of ramune bottle is unique.
To open the bottle, first, you need to lift off the cap and push down the center of the cap. A cylinder object will pop out. Place the cylinder object onto the mouth of the bottle (to open the seal) and press.
This step might be tricky! You might find yourself couldn’t succeed in opening the seal on the first try.

Putting the marble to the dent part is tricky!

There is marble at the neck of the ramune bottle. If you just drink it like it is, the soda will not flow out. Make sure to place the marble on the dent part of the bottleneck so the soda can come out then enjoy!

Where to Purchase?

Ramune is most easily found in touristy areas during summer. The drink also available at some supermarkets and convenience stores, also mostly are available during summer only.

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