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The First Attempt of Ippudo

Ippudo opened Ippudo Lumine EST Shinjuku on July 9th, 2022 (Sat), offering plant-based ramen on a regular basis. It is said to be the first initiative in a domestic store.

Ippudo Lumine EST Shinjuku offers “Plant-based Akamaru”, “Plant-based Shiramaru” which was on sale limitedly, “Toyojun Veggie Seimen” with plenty of vegetable stock, animal-product-free gyoza, and limited summer product “Chilled Karaka”,  in addition to their signature tonkotsu ramen “Shiramaru Motomi” and “Akamaru Shinmi”.

Ippudo’s Online Shop

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IPPUDO’s 100% Plant-Based Akamaru Ramen Available on Online Shop and Limited Time Offer/Quantity at 11 Branches!


Animal-product free gyoza


* Plant-based products are made in the same kitchen as products using animal ingredients.
* Eggs are not used in plant-based products, but the noodles are boiled in the same kettle as those that use eggs.
* Green onions, onions, and garlic are used in plant-based products.
* The menu contents are an example at the time of opening. It may change in the future.
* “Plant-based” products are not eligible for birthday coupons and premium coupons in the Ippudo official app.

About Ippudo Lumine EST Shinjuku

Lumine EST Shinjuku 8F, 3-38-1 Shinjuku, Tokyo 〒160-0022
Opening Hour
11:00=21:00 (L.O 20.30)
(subject to change at the request of the government)
Shop website

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