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Dairy-Free Coolish!

The ice cream industry is stepping up to offer a new wave of delicious alternatives in a world that’s becoming increasingly conscious of dietary choices and environmental impact. Leading the charge in this movement is the breakthrough “Coolish Green” from Lotte Corporation‘s well-known drinkable ice cream brand “Coolish”, which captures the power of plant-based milk to create a treat that’s not only delectable but also eco-conscious.

The Coolish Green series is a true game-changer, available in vanilla and strawberry flavors. Launched on 24 March 2023,  this vegan ice cream took a bold step by incorporating the first-ever “plant-based milk” in its lineup, using the best of soy and peas-derived milk that brings together the mild creaminess of soybeans and the subtle earthiness of green pea.

Both Coolish Green Vanilla and Strawberry come in soft-color packaging, clearly mentioning “plant-based milk” and “not a dairy product” on the package, perfect for those looking for a plant-based alternative that tastes similar to the original flavor and those with a dairy allergy.

Shoyu is added as the “secret ingredient”, that enhances the overall taste while providing a unique twist at the same time.

The ingredients that make up the Coolish Green Vanilla include domestically-produced sugar, plant-based milk derived from soybeans and green peas, grape glucose, powdered sugar, fructose, pea protein, roasted sugar syrup, soy sauce (containing wheat), salt, dietary fiber/emulsifier, trehalose, flavorings, and stabilizers (allergens: soy, wheat).

The limited-edition Coolish Green Strawberry amplifies the experience by combining the goodness of plant-based milk with the tangy sweetness of strawberries (consisting of 5% strawberry juice), made from sugar (domestically produced), soy milk (including soybeans), strawberry juice, isomerized liquid sugar, powdered starch syrup, vegetable oil, glucose, fructose, pea protein, dietary fiber, salt, soy sauce (including wheat) / emulsifier, trehalose, stabilizer (thickening polysaccharides, cellulose, agar), acidulant, coloring agents (red yeast rice, vegetable pigments), pH adjuster, flavor.

Where to Purchase

Coolish Green Vanilla is available nationwide, except at convenience stores, while Coolish Green Strawberry is exclusively available in select retail stores across the country (except at convenience stores). Coolish Green comes at a price of 119 yen (+tax).

For online shopping, both products are available on Lotte’s Online Shop, while only the Coolish Green Vanilla flavor is available on Amazon Japan (24 packs)

According to the Coolish Green page, there may be cases where the usage of raw materials is changed without prior notice due to improvements, so please check the product’s ingredient and allergy information when making a purchase/consumption.

The ice cream is designed to maintain flavor integrity while nodding to the contemporary themes of food diversity and environmental mindfulness. This innovative approach resonates with a world that seeks great taste and ethical consumption.