Meat analog or meat substitute which makes its boom to Japan as another healthy yet delicious food option these days spreads its wings to South East Asia. In Singapore, vegetarian and vegan restaurants are mushrooming, with an addition to the availability of meat analog/substitute such as soy meat in the local supermarkets.

Today we interview Mrs. Khamisah Salamat, a Singaporean travel expert for Japan who adopts soy meat to her daily meals.


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Adopting Soy Meat to Daily Meals

Mrs. Khamisah and family started consuming soy meat and avoiding meat since January 2021 after inspired by one of her friend who is 100% a vegan. Since then, she adopts soy meat in her daily meals. “We are not fully vegan yet, but trying to, slowly”, she says.

Mrs. Khamisah arranges her cook so that she can enjoy meals using soy meat to the fullest. Because soy meat is a substitute for real meat, so actually it is pretty easy to cook! One of her favorites is stir-fry soy meat with various seasonings (which is perfect with a slice of the french loaf!) and plant-based satay!

Stir fry soy meat with seasonings

Plant-based satay

“It (soy meat) tastes very similar to the real meat and doesn’t leave any soy-like aftertaste. We are very satisfied with the flavor”, she adds.

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Keep Good Health With Soy Meat

Soy meat is made from soybean that contains high protein, low calorie, and low cholesterol which is considered to be healthier than real meat. After the inspiration from her vegan friend, Mrs. Khamisah attracted to soy meat especially to keep her and her family in a good health.

Mrs. Khamisah mentions, “After consuming soy meat, it keeps our stomach less bloated, improves digestion, and we lost a lot of weight. In fact, we also have our cholesterol count good on the recent health check-up after consuming soy meat for 3 months”.

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Soy Meat in Singapore

According to Mrs. Khamisah, it is very easy to get soy meat in Singapore. Besides it is available in common supermarkets, there are also supermarkets and mini markets specialized in vegan and vegetarian products, in addition to the online shops.

“I hope there will be more variation of soy meat or plant-based meat”, she says.

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