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Written by: Swastika Kusumawati

Watching Japanese anime allows us to learn the language and culture, as well as Japanese daily life especially its foods. Sometimes, it develops our imagination eating Japanese foods in Japan while strolling around Tokyo Tower or  Shibuya scramble crossing. No wonder that we get more familiar with Japanese foods. Some of us might be often going to the local Japanese restaurants in the country to try how Japanese food tastes.

Today, we will share some Japanese foods you must try when visiting Japan!

1. Ramen

Ramen is one of the most popular Japanese foods that we guess, every international tourist wants to taste in Japan. Japanese anime such as Naruto brings ramen known worldwide because Naruto, the main character, loves ramen so much. But, Muslims have to careful because generally, Japanese ramen is containing pigs.

Fortunately, an increase in awareness about international tourists from Islamic countries in Japan and consideration to Muslims that live in Japan nowadays, especially in terms of the availability of halal foods. That’s why now we can find halal ramen than before.

Halal ramen

If you go to Tokyo and Osaka, we recommend you try the Top 3 Halal Ramen Shops in Tokyo! and Halal Ramen in Osaka!

If you have a chance to visit Hokkaido, you can feel the cold winter while enjoying the warmth of Ramen Ichikura!


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If you want to have smooth-soup ramen with more local taste, you can try halal Sano ramen by Nikkoken in Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture, which you can reach with less than 2-hour ride by train from Tokyo Station.

Halal Sano ramen shio flavor

2. Sushi

If we talk about Japanese food, for sure most of us think about sushi. The taste of raw fresh fish on the top of rice with soy sauce and wasabi has its special taste that maybe we can’t find in another food.

Sushi has become representative of Japan and many countries adopted sushi to become their original taste, or also known as fusion sushi.

Since sushi is topped mostly with kinds of seafood, what makes it doubtful? It is the possibility of alcohol ingredients in vinegar used in the rice and in the soy sauce.

However, there are some halal sushi restaurants in Japan you can visit, such as Sushiken Asakusa (Tokyo), Ichizyu (Chiba), Sushi Time (Kyoto), and Kawagoe Kousushi (Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture).

3. Yakiniku

Yakiniku or Japanese grilled meat is one of the popular Japanese foods that you can’t miss when visiting Japan. The high quality of the meat with sweet yet a bit spicy yakiniku sauce made this gourmet attractive in another way.

Besides common beef, there are yakiniku restaurants that serve wagyu which is mindblowing!

To enjoy halal yakiniku, you can visit Yakiniku Panga Okachimachi (Tokyo), Yakiniku Panga (Osaka), Halal Yakiniku Zerohachi (Osaka), Shira (Chiba).

4. Wagyu

If you do not feel enough with Yakiniku mentioned above, you can upgrade to the supreme wagyu beef that makes you feel more special! There are places within Japan that offers halal wagyu which you can’t miss!

Wagyu is actually available in some kinds and among them, there are branded wagyu such as Kobe beef, Ohmi beef, and Ozaki beef that sit on the top!

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