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New Halal Sushi Restaurant in Makuhari!

Asakusa Sushiken has been a pioneer of halal sushi restaurants that has been quite popular among Muslim tourists.

Mr. Ito, former Asakusa Sushiken owner as well as a professional sushi master, is opening brand new halal sushi restaurant in Makuhari area in Chiba Prefecture called “Sushi Ichizyu”.

This time, we had a chance to cover Mr. Ito’s commitment on sushi and main dish at Sushi Ichizyu.

About Halal Sushi

Mr. Ito has been the key person who set up halal sushi in Sushiken restaurant, by developing menu by his own. However, he faced a continuous struggle.

Rice has the main role in sushi, and it’s common to mix it with vinegar which mostly contains of alcohol, which cannot being consumed by Muslims, that made Mr. Ito have had to find way to make it Muslim-friendly.
Then he decided to use “all alcohol free” seasonings used for sushi such as vinegar, mirin, soy sauce etc.
Furthermore, because of pickles such as pickled ginger (gari) and pickled vegetables (oshinko) sold at supermarket commonly contains of alcohol ingredient, so Mr. Ito made all by himself.

By made this significant change, maybe most people will think “doesn’t it will be less tasty?”.
But Mr. Ito’s customers said that “the sushi becomes more delicious recently”. It proofs that the sushi ‘s quality increased after becoming halal-friendly.

With 25 years of experience as a sushi master, Mr. Ito’s inquisitive spirit might be the root of Sushiken’s prosperity.

Then, with hope to let more people enjoy Japanese authentic yet delicious sushi, Mr. Ito opens Sushi Ichizyu located in Makuhari Hongo.

With Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall nearby, which is often being visited by Muslims, Mr. Ito made his new challenge in Makuhari Hongo.

Recommended Muslim Friendly Menu in “Sushi Ichizyu”!

Popular menu Mr. Ito’s formulated at Sushiken also can be enjoyed at Sushi Ichizyu!

Tempura and Unagi Set(¥3,780)

Tempura and unagi as the two the most popular Japanese cuisine can be enjoyed in set at the same time!
Colorful tempura with vegetables and unagi are being served beautifully, very nice for your Instagram!
And unagi, that has been so popular among Muslims, is crispy outside and soft inside, with nice flavor and sweetness.
The combination of sweet sauce and rice is definitely unforgettable, we bet it will make you have it more and more.

Unagi and Wagyu Steak Set(¥3,564)

Besides of fish, at Ichizyu you can enjoy meat too!
So for you who wants to have fish and meat at the same time, Sushi Ichizyu offers you this nice set.
Flavorful unagi with luxurious wagyu steak (wagyu from Kagoshima), a highly recommended set menu.

Nigirizushi starts from 100 yen!

At Sushi Ichizyu, you can have nigirizushi start from a reasonable price, 100 yen!
You can choose freely which sushi you want to have.

Sushi Ichizyu now considering to serves new menu such as sukiyaki and shabushabu in the near future.
When new menu decided, it will be announced on Halal Media Japan, so please looking forward for it!

They are Preparing Spacious Prayer Space! The Muslim Friendly Sushi Ichizyu !

The restaurant can accommodate up to 80 customers, very suitable for those who come in group (recommended to make reservation beforehand).
At Sushi Ichizyu, not only serves all alcohol free meals, but also prayer space along with wudu space (on preparation).
Moreover, staffs in the restaurant get training about halal-related, so that they have good understanding in Muslim friendly service.

Sushi Ichizyu can be accessed 10 min by bus from Kaihin Makuhari station.

There is Makuhari Messe, Makuhari Aeon Mall nearby, so if you happen to go there, please visit Sushi Ichizyu and enjoy the delicious high quality halal sushi!

About Sushi Ichizyu

Restaurant Name
Sushi Ichizyu
Open Hour
11:00~23:00(Sat L. O 22:00)
6-27-13 Makuhari Hongo, Hanamigawa, Chiba-shi, Chiba Prefecture
Halal Gourmet Japan