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Chinese National Dish “Lanzhou Ramen”!

Lanzhou ramen is one of Chinese noodle dishes and it came from “Lanzhou city” which is a capital city of province Gansu in northwest China where many Muslim live.

Of course, they do not use pork, but they do use beef or lamb for the soup. The noodle is made from wheat flour and lye water that makes it very chewy.

Now you can taste Lanzhou ramen at “Kaenzan” near JR Ikebukuro Station.

Lanzhou Ramen Restaurant “Kaenzan”!

The restaurant is filled with the smell of beef/lamb soup, spice and cilantro, so you can feel as if you are in China.

You can choose the thickness of noodle. There are three types of noodles, thin noodles, flat noodles and triangle noodles.

The noodle is all hand-made, so you can enjoy their fresh and very chewy noodle!

Kaenzan’s Lanzhou ramen available in big portion. The soup is a little bit hot and rich in flavor of meat!

Lanzhou Ramen (980 yen tax included)

They also serve other kinds of noodle dishes and side menus!

Stewed mutton soup (880 yen tax included)

Xinjing style fried noodles (1,180 yen tax included)

Lanzhou ramen has a distinct taste and its’ deliciousness is different from Japanese taste.

Enjoy Lanzhou ramen as if you are in China in Kaenzan, Ikebukuro!

About Lanzhou Ramen Restaurant “Kaenzan”

2 Chome-47-7, Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo 170-0014
Monday-Friday 11:00~15:00, 17:00~22:30
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