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If talking about Japanese foods will blow your mind to, maybe the signature sushi, sashimi, and yakiniku. However, it is not something that the Japanese usually have in daily life. The Japanese home cooking will give a mindblowing on how various the Japanese food is.

Today we introduce some Japanese home cooking which you can do at home.

Miso Soup

This is a typical Japanese dish that usually comes out almost on any dining occasion, made from fermented soybeans. Making the miso soup is pretty easy as you only need to mix some amount of miso paste with boiled water and put some ingredients as you liking (such as tofu, fried tofu, mushroom, seaweed, etc).

Where to buy halal miso paste

Miso soup (image)

Japanese Curry

We believe that most of you already know that Japanese curry is unique with thick curry roux which is different from the original Indian curry. Japanese curry is one of the favorite Japanese home cooking that is pretty easy to make. You will need some potatoes, carrots, onion, chicken (you can prefer thigh or minced), and some Japanese curry roux blocks, and voila! It’s ready to have.

To make it just like a Japanese curry shop, you can have half of your plate filled with white rice and fill another half with the curry, then put cutlets on the top.

Where to buy halal Japanese curry roux

How to make Japanese curry

Japanese curry (image)


It’s a popular classic Japanese food where chicken meat and bitten eggs are simmered in a sweet and savory stock, then topped over a bowl of rice. Cooking oyakodon doesn’t take too many time and just needs simple ingredients, makes it one of the popular home cooking in Japan.

How to make oyakodon

To make the oyakodon, you will need halal chicken (which can be found at Gyomu Super and halal shops in Japan), halal shoyu, and halal mirin.

Oyakodon (image)

Kinpira Gobo

Kinpira Gobo is a traditional Japanese dish made of shredded burdock root (gobo) and carrot (or other roots such as lotus root) that is stir-fried then simmered in sweet soy sauce, topped with sesame. This is one of the typical Japanese food you can easily find in a Japanese home. To make kinpira gobo, you will need halal shoyu (soy sauce) and halal mirin.

How to make kinpira gobo