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Lanzhou ramen (lamian) is a hand-stretched noodle dish from Lanzhou city, China, a city with a number of Muslim residents. The noodle comes with thin slices of beef, chopped spring onions, and coriander as the toppings in a smooth beef broth and spicy chili oil that enhance its flavor.

Today we introduce two halal Lanzhou ramen shops around Tokyo you should check!

Mazulu Beef Lamian (Jimbocho, Tokyo)

“Mazulu Beef lamian,” is the birthplace of beef ramen, which is a very famous ramen chain shop in Lanzhou with a hundred years of history. The soup is made by simmering beef bones and beef, together with more than ten different spices for some designated time that brings the rich flavor of beef and spices.

The shop allows customers to choose from 9 selections of noodles’ thickness, which is handmade and ranges from “extremely thin” to “thick and triangular”. Mazulu beef lamian available at a price of 950 yen with an additional price for extra toppings.


2 mins walk from Jimbocho station A7 exit.

Mazulu Ramen on Halal Gourmet Japan


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Kaenzan Lanzhou Ramen (Ikebukuro, Tokyo)

Kaenzan Lanzhou ramen has a beautifully transparent broth and large size of beef slices. You can choose the broth from two options; beef and mutton. Besides the typical Lanzhou ramen, they offer a variety of noodle dishes and side menus.  The noodles are also handmade which you can choose from three options; thin noodles, flat noodles, or triangle noodles.


5 mins walk from JR Ikebukuro Station north exit

Kaenzan Lanzhou Ramen on Halal Gourmet Japan


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