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The New Trend, OmniMeat Gyoza!

On 8 January 2020 (Friday), a long-established Chinese restaurant, Tenshin Hanten, is collaborating with OmniMeat, a meat substitute (or meat analogue) which extremely popular abroad to produce the awaited vegan-friendly “OmniMeat gyoza”.

The Concept

The gyoza is made from plant-based meat from a blend of peas, soybeans, shiitake mushroom, and rice (which is rich in protein and nutrition!) combined with seasonal vegetables for a healthy dish. Since it uses 100% plant-based ingredients, the gyoza is also vegan-friendly.

Four Types of Gyoza You Can Choose

① Healthy gyoza with OmniMeat, bamboo shoots, and shiitake mushrooms (details in Japanese)
② Healthy gyoza with OmniMeat and lotus root (details in Japanese)
③ Healthy gyoza with OmniMeat and edona (details in Japanese)
④ Healthy gyoza with OmniMeat and leek (details in Japanese)

Tenshin Hanten chef recommends gyoza with OmniMeat. bamboo shoots, and shiitake mushroom to try.

Healthy gyoza with OmniMeat, bamboo shoots, and shiitake mushrooms

Qty:30 pcs
Price:¥ 2,800 (including tax)
Online shop:
*Free shipping within Japan for a purchase of more than 5,000 yen.

The gyoza produced by a Chinese restaurant founded in 1954 with the same recipe since its establishment is truly exceptional. Each gyoza is carefully hand-wrapped by a skilled chef, the skin is chewy, and the paste is filled with the sweetness of vegetables and minced meat (100% plant-based).
Some people might have a perspective that plant-based minced meat has not as chewy as general minced meat, but once we try this healthy gyoza, we can not hide the surprise in the texture and juiciness of the meat itself. The refreshing after-feeling may be the unique point that plant-based have. In addition, the gyoza uses carefully selected seasonal vegetables and the number of gyoza with selected ingredients is limited. If you are interested, we recommend trying it as soon as possible!

Tenshin Hanten

A long-established Chinese restaurant founded in 1954 and made its step to Japan in 1967 with the aim of forming a bond of friendship between Japan and China through food culture and continues until today. It operates 9 directly managed stores and 3 franchise (FC) stores. Moreover, it starts sales through an online shop in 2020. 

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OmniMeat is alternative meat born in Hongkong, the city of food, to substitute the real minced meat. It is using 100% plant-derived ingredients, nutritious plant-based meat with a blend of peas, soybeans (non-genetically modified), shiitake mushrooms, and rice protein.


“Oreno” Goes Vegan With OmniMeat