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Halal “Tenmusu (Tempura Onigiri)” at Yamamotoya Ookute Branch (Nagoya)

Talking about halal restaurant in Nagoya, it should be Yamamotoya Ookute branch.

The restaurant started serving halal food since Dec 2018, calling crowds of Muslim guests.

Until now, Yamamotoya Ookute branch serves halal miso nikomi udon (miso-stewed udon), oden, chicken wings etc. With a lot of requests, now Yamamotoya Ookute branch completed in making the halal tenmusu! Tenmusu is onigiri (rice ball) with tempura filling, a popular food of Nagoya’s soul food loved by many of Japanese.

Of course, in making the tenmusu, they are using halal chicken.

Furthermore, it should be using alcohol as seasoning, but this time, Yamamotoya Ookute branch formulated tenmusu without using alcohol, has been succeeded to bring out the real taste each ingredients.

The flavorful chicken spread inside the mouth even in the first bite. The sweetness of rice add the harmony of the whole taste.

If you happen to come to Nagoya, please have a nice visit to Yamamotoya Ookute branch and enjoy delicious halal foods!


About Yamamotoya Ookute Branch

5-9-2 Ookutecho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 464-0854
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