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JSS (Japan Souvenir Shop)

Akihabara is a one of world-famous electronic town in Japan.  On the top of that, Akihabara has mixed-culture like anime or pop idols, so this town is so popular with tourists.

It takes about 5 minutes walk to get JSS from Akihabara station. They are selling many kinds of souvenirs that is so ‘Japan’.

The owner, Mr. Agus came to Japan from Indonesia about 19 years ago. He lived next-door to a language school which has many students from Indonesia. At the first time, he didn’t know it’s a language school. He wonder why there are so many Indonesian people there and he talked to them. That’s the start of Mr. Agus and the Indonesian students to get know each other and deepen the engagements. Mr. Agus had been loved by many Indonesian students, technical intern trainees and local Japanese people too because of his gentle and open-minded personality. One day some of them had been saying “Mr. Agus, please open Japanese souvenir shop!”, then 6 years before now, finally he opened JSS with the help of many people.

The rumor about JSS went around and that’s made JSS famous among international students, technical intern trainees and tourists who are planning to come to Japan or who live in Japan. Now many people from around the world visit to JSS. On a busy day, around 300 people come to this shop.

The prices are quite reasonable. That is one of the reason why JSS is popular among many people. JSS has been dealing with manufactures directly, so JSS can serves “reasonable” and “high-quality” souvenirs.

It is not easy to build business partnership with manufacture company directly, even for Japanese people themselves, but Mr. Agus can do it because of his reliable personality and supports from many people .

Let’s take a look of popular JSS’s souvenirs!

Trending most popular products in JSS

1: Hanging Scroll

JSS’s most popular souvenir is this beautiful hanging scrolls. There are so many kinds of hanging scrolls here that you can’t make up your mind which one to choose.

2: T-shirt

It’s the most suitable for souvenirs! There are many T-shirts in JSS which designed with Japanese kanji or beautiful Japanese illustration.

 3: Key Chain

The key chain is one of the most popular souvenirs in JSS. It’s a reasonable price and you can attach it onto your bag or keys. There are lots of cute key chains here!

4: Magic Mug

In JSS, there are magic mugs. Those mugs changes color when you pour hot water! JSS has a lot of different kids of magic mugs, so you can find a product that is best suited for you!

5: Japanese Doll

There are tasteful Japanese dolls in JSS. If you buy it for your family or friends, definitely they are going to love it!


6: “Mini Japanese Lantern Magnet” is also popular one!

This is pretty popular products too. This cute mini lantern can be switched on, so it’s gonna be beautiful in the dark place.

There are many other products in JSS too. If you cannot decide what you buy, the JSS’s staff will give you some advice and explanation kindly.

If you are looking for Japanese souvenirs, please visit JSS in Akihabara!

About JSS (Japanese Souvenir Shop)

2-17-13 Kanda Sudacho, Chiyoda, Tokyo 101-0041