Considering the boom of plant-based foods in Japan, today we can easily find a variety of those products in Japan’s supermarkets.

Talking about plant-based or soy food, some might have an image of “not delicious”, or ” for vegans and vegetarians”, but wait, these plant-based products are not only super tasty but also good for health!

Plant-Based Pucchin Purin from Glico

Pucchin Purin is a famous pudding brand from snacks and sweets manufacturer, Glico. If you happen to be in Dotombori, Osaka, you definitely have ever seen the huge Glico’s running man that brightly lit over the Dotombori canal! The Glico’s Pucchin Purin starts on sale in 1972 and has been loved by the Japanese since then.

The plant-based Pucchin Purin became a big hit after its launch. The entire pudding is made from plant-based ingredients and totally free from any animal-derived products. It uses almond paste, soy milk, and sugar cane (brown sugar) that give the pudding a richer taste and gentle sweetness. Different from white sugar, sugar cane is not refined and is slowly absorbed into the body.

Ingredients list : soy milk, sugar, syrup, vegetable oil, roasted sugar, almond paste, salt, plant-based gelatin (agar), flavoring, emulsifier, pH adjuster, carotene (coloring, caramel (coloring).

Soy Ice Cream from Kracie

If most of us know Kracie mostly for their hair and skin care products, actually they also have food products from sweets to healthy foods! They launch soy ice cream available in three flavors; vanilla, chocolate (with cacao nib!), and strawberry. Even though it uses soy milk as its main ingredient, it tastes rich and strong with a melting-sensation texture! We bet you will not even notice!

Contains isoflavones and is free from egg or dairy products.

The vanilla flavor tastes mild, easy to eat, and does not leave that-milky-sensation-in-the-mouth as dairy products do. The strawberry flavor has a strong strawberry flavor and is sweet, which must be become a great choice for those who are a sweet tooth. While the chocolate flavor has rumbling cacao nibs that give a slightly bitter taste to the sweet chocolate ice cream which is a must-have for chocolate lovers.

Ingredients : 【Strawberry (upper)】soy milk, syrup, sugar, strawberry flesh, fructose syrup, salt, emulsifier, flavoring, colorant, stabilizer, acidulant. 【Vanilla (right)】soy milk, syrup, sugar, decomposer, vegetable oil, brown sugar, mirin, salt, emulsifier, stabilizer, flavoring, colorant. 【Chocolate (left)】 soy milk, syrup, sugar, cocoa powder, cacao mass, vegetable oil, cacao nib, salt, emulsifier, flavoring, stabilizer.

Oats Café Latte and Tofu Latte

Latte is not all about coffee!

Oats café latte from Go Good series (by Coca-Cola) and tofu latte stole our attention to know how ‘latte’ they are.

The oat café latte has a rich taste of oat with a slight bitterness of coffee flavor. Meanwhile, the tofu latte is simply a thick soy cream.

Ingredients; 【Oat milk】oat concentrate, coffee, sugar, sunflower oil, salt, flavoring, emulsifier, phosphate, cellulose, stabilizer 【Tofu latte】soy cream, low-fat soy milk, honey, salt.