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Enlighten Your New Year With Vegan Osechi!

New Year is one of the biggest events in Japan, where people gather and enjoy osechi. Osechi is said that come from the Chinese word, known as the typical food for the New Year in Japan. It is filled with delicious and gorgeous foods where each food symbolizes messages (such as long life, health, etc.) and is enjoyed together with families.

For the upcoming New Year 2022, the vegan-friendly all-plant-based osechi comes to the market which we are super excited to introduce!

1. Vegetable Osechi from a Natural Food Shop, “Kodawariya”


Kodawariya who specialties in natural foods mainly expands in the Kanto area, offers vegetable osechi using plenty of organic vegetables pesticides-free vegetables.

Kodawariya Original Vegan Osechi (14 items in a set)
Price : 18,800 yen (including tax)

2. Luxurious Vegan Osechi by Yonezawa Chef from The Burn


Takashimaya is large department store who is now selling vegan osechi in regular basis. Today we are focusing on vegan osechi made by world-class Yonozawa chef from “The Burn”, a vegan-friendly shop in Aoyama Icchome, Tokyo.  The osechi comes in Western style, so for those who are a bit not good with Japanese style could enjoy this osechi at ease.

Vegan osechi by Yonezawa chef
Price : 21,600 yen (including tax)

3. Authentic Osechi by Seijinryori Shop


Seijinryori is one of a traditional food in Japan which considered vegan and vegetarian-friendly in some occasions, also known as the monk’s food. Most of seijinryori shops nowadays offer osechi that is free from animal products.

“Izusen”, a long-established seijinryori shop inside the Buddhist temple “Daitokuji” offers an authentic osechi that is extremely delicious and easy to eat. Osechi by Izusen is sold at the Kintetsu Online Shop as low-sugar osechi.

Seijin Osechi (for 2 people)
Price : 16,200 yen (including tax)

4. Fusion-style Original Osechi by T’s Tantan


T’s Tantan launches osechi that mixing Japanese, Western, and Chinese style. The osechi only available for restaurant pick-up, so please check your nearest T’s Tantan branch.

T’s Vegan Osechi (for 1 person)
Price : 6,000 yen (including tax)

5. Izuchiku’s Osechi Limited for Mitsukoshi Isetan


Izuchiku, a restaurant that was established in 1871, offers three level of colorful osechi! The osechi is limited for Mitsukoshi Isetan. 

<Izuchiku> Seijinryori Osechi
Price : 34,560 yen (including tax)

Note that most of osechi need reservation in advance.

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