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Food review! You can purchase Halal Sano Ramen online (Nikkoken)!

Hello, friends. I am Wada Kaiji from HMJ.

So I wonder, what comes to your mind when you hear about “Halal Sano Ramen”?

It’s obvious, you will come up with Onajimi no「Nikkoken」.

Now, the famous Nikkoken start selling Halal Sano Ramen online!

How to purchase

You can purchase Halal Sano Ramen by sending a direct message to their Facebook page Nikkoken Halal Store or their Instagram Nikkoken.

Facebook "Nikkoken Halal Store"

Facebook “Nikkoken Halal Store”

Instagram "Nikkoken"

“Nikkoken” Instagram account

Send your address and payee reference information, also tell the product you want to order. They will send your order right to your home.

A package of Halal Sano Ramen contains 4 servings of Ramen noodles and soups for an affordable price. You can taste Halal Sano Ramen for only 1,080 yen.


How to cook

I cautiously tried cooking Halal Sano Ramen at home, hoping it will turn out delicious.

When you open the bag, you will find cooking directions written on a piece of paper as shown below.
(A) Soup
1. Boil 360 ml water
2. Pour the Nikkoken Soup into the bowl, then mix it with hot water

1. Boil the water
2. Let the water to boil, then add the noodles into boiling water
3. Let the noodles cook
4. When the noodles start to float, drain the water. Then place the noodles in the bowl (A)
5. Add your favorite topping and your Ramen is complete!

*You can add vegetables or any ingredients to your own liking. Let’s try any toppings you like!

Sano Ramen: Add 1 tablespoon of Shoyu (soy sauce) before pouring the soup into the bowl

Miso Ramen: Melt 1 teaspoon of Miso with hot water and add it into the bowl

Pirikara Ramen (Spicy Ramen): Take 1 tablespoon of Sambal and mix it with hot water, then add it into the bowl

The cooking process take less than 10 minutes to cook.

The taste of Halal Sano Ramen


So, I tasted the Halal Sano Ramen.

「It was delicious! (tears of happiness)」

Needless to say, the handmade curly noodles made with bamboo pair perfectly with the soup.
The Shoyu (soy sauce) and chicken broth has increased my appetite and I finished eating in the blink of an eye.

I live alone, so the fact that I can enjoy this delicious Ramen without hassle really made me happy.

At this point, this instant Ramen really comes in handy for lunch, snack, and dinner. And at last, I became a professional instant Mie Goreng cook!

You can also purchase another products such as Gyoza for 350 yen and Special Rayu (chili oil) for 840 yen!

Facebook「Nikkoken Halal Store