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Muslim-Friendly Ski Resort, APPI

APPI is located on the center of Northern Tohoku, precisely at Iwate Prefecture, a muslim-friendly ski-resort with a lot of exciting both outdoor and indoor activities.

APPI Ski Resort

APPI Ski Resort


From Tokyo Station, APPI Ski Resort can be accessed by Shinkansen Hayabusa which takes time about 2 hours and 10 minutes, get off at Morioka station then get on bus to reach APPI Ski Resort which takes time about 50 minutes. Another option is, change train at Morioka station to train board to APPI Kogen station, then get on a bus to get to APPI Ski Resort.

Good news is, we can use JR East Pass!

Detail for access :

Halal Foods

In welcoming Muslim tourists to enjoy ski on their resort, Nanashigure, a restaurant in Hotel APPI Grand is serving halal-certified Japanese dishes, from gyudon, tempura, until ramen for all dining time ; breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Halal menu

Halal menu

Halal Menu can be downloaded here :

Please contact at least 5 days in advance to :


Halal foods already on checklist, and the next important point as a Muslim is performing pray. Here in APPI resort, we can rent prayer equipment to let us keep our faith while travelling with no worries.


Private Hot Spring

To let Muslim visitors experience Japan traditional hot spring and by consideration that Muslim cannot use public bath, APPI provides hot spring where Muslim visitors can enjoy privately.

Private Hot Spring

Private Hot Spring

APPI not only has winter attraction and activities but also summer time as well, where you can enjoy playing golf in beautiful green park or let yourself surrounded by fresh-green leaves of beech woods and many more!

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Appi Kogen, Hachimantai City, Iwate, Japan 028-7395