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Have enjoyable and comfortable stay in Chiba with updated version of Muslim Friendly Map “Around Tokyo Chiba City”

Japan’s biggest entrance for foreign countries

As you may already know, Chiba prefecture is where the Narita airport, which is No1 regarding of the number of foreign people who came in and out of Japan of all the airports exists in Japan locates, so there’s no wonder if you hear somebody says that its’s the biggest entrance of Japan for foreign countries.

While Chiba city, not only as a city locates in the central part of Chiba prefecture with the access of 45 minutes from Narita airport by Narita Express train and 40 minutes from Tokyo station by Local train (JR Sobu line express) , but also as a city of convention, which has “Makuhari Messe” has been tackling the issues of “Omotenashi” of Muslims over the past 4 years as a main entrance of Japan.

Of all the challenge that Chiba city has announced before, here we announce the publish of the update version of “Around Tokyo Chiba City” so called “Muslim Friendly Map” ver.5(2019-2020)!!

In the map with A3 size same as previous one, there’s a lot of information about restaurants and cafes, and also the beauty shops for Muslima. And of course, all in English.

In addition to that, There’s lots of pictograms showing weather the place offers the meal for who are “Vegan” or “Oriental Vegetarian”, and “Indian vegetarian” or not, so that not only Muslim people, but also a lots of people with dietary restrictions can attain the information they want. The map shows the information as listed on the picture below as well!

You can get the map at the tourist center of JR Chiba station / JR Makuhari Kaihin station, but you can download it from Here as well!

[Where the map is placed at JR Chiba station]

①You pass through the central ticket gate of the station

②Go straight to East exit

③You see the sign to the entrance of “Chiba Urban Monorail”

④ Then you see “Chiba City Tourist Information Center” on the left side of the sign for “Chiba Urban Monorail”, where the map is placed!

【Where the map is placed at JR Kaihin-Makuhari station】

You can find the map at “Chiba City Makuhari Tourist Information Center” on the left side of hall at the station right after you pass through the central ticket gate!


[Introduction of restaurants on the map]


This Sushi restaurant is Halal certified and friendly for those who are vegetarians as well!
You can enjoy the authentic Sushi by special chef of Sushi with ¥100~/piece!

Click Here for details!

Seasonal Dining Masamune

You can authentic Japanese cuisine with lots of fresh seafood and local vegetables here!
You can get the Muslim Friendly menu without reservation.

Click Here for details!

Ramen Takanoha

You can enjoy the special ramen made out of selected ingredients! Ramen here is quite unique, the soup is a combination of various soup-bases uses bonito flakes, shrimp or kelp from Hokkaido, and even vegetables and fruits! Please enjoy our ramen with light flavor even beloved by the elderly and women!

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