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“Shinjuku Gyoen Ramen Ouka” won first prize at the “Oota-ku Business Plan Contest” held in Oota-ku Sangyo Plaza on February 22nd (Friday)!

Ouka offers high quality HALAL ramen, and we have covered about them at HALAL Media Japan numerous times. (click here for information on ramen)

It was mentioned that “universal design” was the greatest subject in this Business Plan Contest. This concept is the basis of offering delicious HALAL ramen to Muslim customers.

We asked the owner, Mr. Wachi about the Universal Design the restaurant was awarded first prize.

“Universal design is to offer “food” after removing as much obstacles as possible. This includes, for example, offering HALAL food for Muslims and vegan food for vegans. Also, we are working on placing a special table to make it easier for people in wheelchairs to enter the restaurant.

We would like to offer a dining space without discrimination by gender, religion, culture, language, bodily features. We want to create mutual understanding by having our customers enjoy having food together at the same counter table.”


Ouka is engaging in HALAL ramen to offer “food” aimed for fairness, and wishes to link this to mutual understanding.

Ouka wishes to continue offering a space where Japanese and Muslim people can understand each other by making sure Muslims are also enjoying their “food,” and will continue to advance by charging with these wishes in universal design.

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