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Written by Amie-san
If you have a long waiting time in Narita Airport, you do not have to be confused again of what to eat since this airport is becoming more muslim friendly. The restaurant called Tentei is one of the halal restaurants available here.

This restaurant serves one of Japanese signature dishes: Tenpura (various flour coated fried food such as from shrimp, vegetables), Tendon (tempura with rice) and Tensoba (Japanese wheat based noodle and tempura).

You do not have to worry for the communication problem since they also have menus in English. They have various choices of sets and they also provide other side dishes such as sashimi (the raw fish) and chawan mushi (soup based on egg and seafood), and they can serve your soba either hot or cold.

My favorite is the shrimp and nasu (eggplant) tempura and the sashimi is also fresh and nice. The setting of the restaurant is very cozy and comfortable (you can see the airplanes from here) and you can feel the Japanese ‘omotenashi’ (sense of Japanese culture and hospitality).

They also serve alcoholic drink but they assure that they separate them properly, as well as the use of the glasses, so you do not have to worry. This restaurant is located in the departure area of Narita Airport 4th floor.

Having this dish just right before leaving Japan will give you a last sweet memory of Japan which makes you want to go back again.

4F, Narita Airport Terminal 2,1 Furugome, Narita-shi, Chiba
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