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Umemori Sushi school, which offers HALAL sushi experience very popular among Muslims, started a new challenge.


A hands-on HALAL sushi is now open at JR Nara station, where you can make your own sushi and eat them on the spot along with dishes for Muslim travelers. They offer a rare opportunity for eating traditional sushi as well as sushi making experience all at once. Please give it a try when you are in Nara.

Why we decided to open

We wanted to open a place where Muslim people can eat without any hesitation at the entrance of Nara, and decided to have the school near JR Nara station. Also, we though that a sushi school allowing hands-on experience of Japanese culture will become a special memory of the trip to Japan.


Uniqueness of the school

You can experience making sushi from scratch, including making sushi rice using white rice and mixed vinegar. When you go back to your country and feel like making your own sushi again, you might be able to get the sushi toppings ready, but might not know how to prepare the rice. There are not many sushi schools that teach you how to make sushi rice. We give out instructions on how to make the mixed vinegar for people that are interested, so please keep it in mind. Also, you can choose from several types of uniform so you can feel like a sushi chef. I am sure that this will be a very exciting experience too, as you can only find these uniforms in Japan. After making the sushi, you can add toppings to it. You can create gorgeous sushi that brings out the real taste of ingredients and that can be enjoyed by your eyes and tongue just by adding a simple touch.



Menus include 8 nigiris (toro, ika, salmon, shrimp, sea urchin, anago okra, anago), although the fish and vegetables may differ depending on season, but all ingredients are HALAL. The sushi comes with mini udon. You can enjoy it for lunch or dinner.
The price is 4800 yen (taxes not included)


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1-1-215 Sanjo-Honmachi, Nara-shi, Nara 630-8122
Halal Gourmet Japan

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