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Written by: Yassmyn Khairussalima Ratu

One-Stop Sweets Shop In Kobe!

Who doesn’t like sweet sweets? If you haven’t eaten anything sweet, it feels like something is missing, right? Japan is famous for its sweetness that looks delicious, spoils the tongue and eyes, but of course, we as Muslims or vegetarians, have to be careful about the ingredients in it.

At the time I was walking through Nankinmachi street (Kobe’s China Town), I found a cute sweets shop called Kanauta (かなうた) that is perfect to boost my energy. There was a signboard that says that it is vegan and Muslim-friendly, it also mentions ingredients they don’t use. The shop staff is very friendly and greeted us right away. He speaks English too!

The shop atmosphere was very homey, you can see the kitchen in the back too. I saw one by one all the menus displayed on the glass shelf. There are waffles, utakoro, and cakes. All looks tempting but at that time I was interested in the waffle, so I ordered plain and green tea waffles.

 I’m not a sweet tooth person, actually, but this time the sweetness was just right for me! The waffle is so soft, for only 130-140 yen, amazing! Now I don’t have to worry and feel guilty after eating this.

In the menu, they stated that they do not use animal ingredients (such as gelatin, margarine, shortening, cheese, and butter), and allergenic ingredients (such as egg, flour, milk, white sugar, preservatives, emulsifier, stabilizer artificial color, and thickener) in their products.

Here I recommend trying the waffles. But if you saw the cake, you also have to try it because it looks tasty too. The next time I visit this store, I surely will buy the cakes! 

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About Kanauta Kobe-Motomachi

Shinmotomachi Bldg. 1F, 1-1-1 Motomachidori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo 650-0022
Opening Hour
Thurs-Tue 10:30-20.00
Closed on Wednesday
Halal Gourmet Japan