Embracing Halal, Diverse Diets, and Foreigner-Friendly Services

フードダイバーシティの世界を実現する Formerly known as Halal Media Japan, Co. Ltd., Food Diversity, Inc. has emerged as a trailblazer in promoting diverse culinary experiences and fostering a multicultural environment in Japan. Initially focused on halal and Muslim-friendly offerings, our expanded vision now encompasses vegan, vegetarian, allergies, plant-based, and more.

Corporate Vision

Our mission is twofold. First, we strive to support Muslims by providing essential information to enhance their living and stay in Japan. Second, we actively contribute to creating a hospitable environment for Muslims through the growth of the Muslim-inbound industry. Ultimately, we aim to showcase Japan as a Muslim-friendly country, fostering globalization and economic development.

Spreading Awareness

At Food Diversity, Inc., we are dedicated to spreading information about the diverse food landscape in Japan. Not only do we cater to Muslims seeking halal options, but we also strive to provide valuable resources for foreign tourists and residents. Our goal is to ensure that everyone can have comfortable and enriching experiences in Japan.

Leading the Way

From our humble beginnings as Halal Media Japan, Co. Ltd., we have played a pivotal role in developing and tapping into the halal market in Japan. We have assisted businesses in providing halal and Muslim-friendly foods and services, while also embracing vegan/vegetarian options. Today, we proudly stand as the largest source of food diversification, halal/Muslim-friendly, and foreigner-friendly information in Japan.

Promoting Transparency

In Japan, unlike in Muslim-majority countries, there is no single government body monitoring halal products in the market. Recognizing this, we prioritize transparency by disclosing how halal is incorporated into products and services. Our aim is to empower Muslims to make informed decisions and judgments regarding halal matters based on their own discretion.

Company Profile

(+81) 50-6865-6881
Company Name FOOD DIVERSITY, INC. フードダイバーシティ 株式会社
Establishment Date 4 September 2014
Capital Fund 9,000,000 JPY
Address Okachimachi Green Heights No. 1.005, 6-1-6 Ueno Taito-ku, Tokyo 〒110-0005
Representatives Akihiro Shugo (守護 彰浩)
Phone (+81) 50-6865-6881
E-mail info@food-diversity.co.jp
Number of Employees 10 people  (January 2018)

Main Business

Consultation service and seminar | Fooddiversity.today (information platform) | Halal Gourmet Japan (food-searching website) | Halal Gourmet Japan mobile apps (iOS and Android) |Organizing Halal Expo Japan | Planning and producing Omotenashi Map for Muslims


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