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Places For Muslims in Japan to Learn Islam and Interact With Each Other

Join and participate in local Muslim communities is one way for Muslims in Japan to deepen their knowledge about Islam and have an opportunity to interact with other Muslim residents. Today we introduce some Muslim communities where Japanese Muslims, Japan-born and raised Muslim second generation, and Muslim residents in Japan!

Tokyo Camii Young Muslim Club

This is a club organized and managed by young Muslims in Japan based in Tokyo Camii mosque, Tokyo. They have a number of Japan-born and raised young Muslims and Japanese Muslims as members. The club organizes Islamic study groups regularly as a place for its members to learn more about the religion and interact with each other. Everyone including non-Muslims can join this club.

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Olive Japan

Olive Japan is a Muslim community that has a strong relation to Tokyo Camii Young Muslim Club. It was named SYM (Space for Young Muslims) that established in November 2016, then to encourages its members to show their characters and talents while challenging a wide variety of things, the club re-born with the name “Olive” in August 2019.

The community has a vision of “Spread Peace” and organizes activities that engaged in human, economic, and intellectual support related to young Muslims within Japan, as well as the production of video content, and the publication of quarterly magazines.

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Asagohan Club

Asagohan Club is the community creates a place for everyone to share their daily life related to Islam and Islamic lesson with each other, participated by Muslims in Japan, Japanese reverts, and those who want to know about Islam.

The club that was born in March 2021, organizes online gatherings every morning on zoom to encourages its members to learn more about Islam while interacting with each other.


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