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Proceed Shahadah in Japan

In these past years, the number of Japanese who revert to Islam (mu’allaf) is increasing year by year. There is no exact and clear data, but this is probably because Muslim travelers (inbound) and Muslim residents that are significantly increasing in Japan, giving the Japanese a chance to interact with Muslims.

Today we talked with a Japanese Muslim about how to proceed with the reverting process in Japan.


If someone is thinking to be a mu’allaf, they need to do shahadah. Those interested in Islam are mostly already connected to local Muslims or local Islamic communities, so when they think of shahadah, they can discuss it with their Muslim friends or communities to help to proceed shahadah at the local mosque. However, for those who are not connected to any of them, you can directly contact the local or nearest mosque to discuss.


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Get Some References to Learn

Learning deeper about Islam is your next step. You can get Al-Qur’an and related books in Japanese from the nearest mosque.

Al-Qur’an in Japanese from Tokyo Camii Halal Market

Besides, there is a book that explains Al-Qur’an in an easy-to-understand manga in Japanese you can get from Amazon Japan.

A book about Al-Qur’an in Japanese that comes in manga form (Amazon Japan)

To have a deeper knowledge of Islam, you need to be active to join study groups, Islamic classes, or other community/mosque activities and create an environment that is convenient for you to practice Islamic teaching. Some mosques hold Islamic lessons such as learning to read Al-Qur’an (Arabic), group study about Islam, and more.

Of course, you also can learn from the internet! Some Muslim communities hold online classes such as Islam Zemi or refer to some Youtube videos to learn and know more about the religion, such as how to do shalat, etc. We recommend an easy Islamic video for kids because it is pretty easy to understand.

One of Islam Zemi seminar

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Join Muslim Communities

Being in a convenient atmosphere is one of the extremely important aspects of a mu’allaf in a Muslim minority country. There are some Muslim communities in Japan you can join such as Olive and Asagohan no Kai.

Within the community, you will not only be able to be yourself as you are but also get support from Muslim brothers and sisters. Besides interacting with other Muslims, you also can explore your talent and interest through events they hold such as Floral Workshop by Tokyo Camii Young Muslim Club.

Summer Eid Festival held by Young Muslim Club