Where to Share Your Qurban in Japan

Eid Adha is planned to be celebrated from 19 to 23 July 2021. Most mosques and organizations in Japan are organizing the Qurban so that Muslim residents can share their Qurban through mosques or communities.

Today we summarize some places in Japan for you to do Qurban.

Tokyo Camii Mosque

Tokyo Camii Mosque is one of the biggest organizations in Japan that collect and proceed Qurban from Muslim residents in Japan. The Qurban will be shared with those in need, refugees, Quran courses, student dormitories inside of Turkey as well as those in need in countries from Africa, Central Asia, to Latin America.⠀⠀⠀


CICC or Chiba Islamic Cultural Center (CICC) is a non-profit organization located in Chiba that manages Islamic events and cultural activities within the prefecture. Collaborating with a halal food shop in Gunma, they arrange the sacrifice to be held locally and send the Qurban to your home by frozen courier service.

Japan Islamic Trust

Japan Islamic Trust is a Japan-based Islamic center associated with Otsuka Masjid in Tokyo that offers sacrifice options of one sheep or one share in cow to be distributed to areas in northern Syria.

Islamic Circle of Japan

Islamic Circle in Japan is a non-profit organization in Japan that proceeds Qurban. The Qurban option and deadlines vary according to countries so please do check the information below.

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