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Tazuke Noriaki, or Muhammed Zaki, is a Japanese Muslim who revert in February 2017. He was touched and impressed by the sincerity of Indonesian trainees he met at his previous company which then lead him to make a decision to revert to Islam.

Muhammed Zaki (left) with his Indonesian friends.

The decision to revert was not easy. His family and friends were confused at first time, but then accept him as he is. For Japanese Muslim reverts, a kind and simple explanation to people around them is extremely important to have decision they took to be easily accepted.

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Zaki, who can speak Bahasa Indonesia aside from Japanese as his mother tongue, is now working in an Indonesia-affiliated company in Tokyo which of course, has a good understanding of Islam and makes it easier for him to manage both work and needs as a Muslim. Alhamdulillah, his office’s building has a spacious mosque called Masjid Nusantara on the top floor of the building so that he can do pray comfortably there, in addition to halal foods available around the office.

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“Alhamdulillah, I am blessed with a great workplace and environment that allows me to practice Islam peacefully and comfortably. I think I may not be able, or very difficult to have this experience in a common Japanese company”, Zaki says.

Recently, Zaki proactively helps Muslims, especially Indonesian residents, to comfortably living in Japan by providing various services from the Ramadhan timetable that launches annually before Ramadhan comes to tax procedure everyone who resides in Japan should take (which is quite complicated for foreigners).

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