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Break your fast with something sweet

Maybe a lot of us have heard about this phrase. If having dates is a common way, how to enjoy these Japanese traditional foods and drinks for iftar?

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Halal Cream Daifuku

This one of the best sellers of halal Japanese sweets is perfect for iftar! The chewy yet doughy mochi fills up your stomach, while the sweet cream filling gives a nice satisfaction to boost up your energy to perform the Maghrib’s pray right after. The halal cream daifuku is available in 4 flavors; strawberry, matcha, cafe au lait, and mango.


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Amazake is a sweet traditional Japanese drink that is nice to moist our dry throat after a full day of fasting. This sweet drink is actually a healthy drink that rich in metabolism-boosting digestive enzymes, vitamin B, and nine essential amino acids which help to promote glowy skin and hair.

There are some people who are misunderstanding that Muslims cannot be having the amazake because of its name with “sake” attached. Amazake is divided into two, those made from rice and another that is made from sake leek. Amazake that is made from rice is totally halal as it does not containing alcohol as you can find in the photo below.

Amazake made from 100% rice

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Halal Wagyu

How to have a bit of luxury with halal wagyu for iftar, anyone?

Halal Yakiniku Panga makes everyone’s dream come true to enjoy the premium wagyu in an iftar set, “Wagyu de Iftar Set” which is available at a reasonable price and only during Ramadhan!

Wagyu de Iftar Set can be ordered from their official online shop.

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