Ramadan 2022 is just started and Muslims in Japan are filled with cherishing! There are some organizations that hold Islamic lessons during the holy month of Ramadan and we are excited to introduce them today!

Tokyo Camii

The famous and one of the biggest mosques in Japan, Tokyo Camii (Tokyo), is holding regular Islamic lessons. Qur’an recitation is held every day, Q&A by Imam every Tuesday and Thursday, khutbah every Friday, and Ramadan Guest Talk every Sunday.

Source: Tokyo Camii

Some programs are also available on Tokyo Camii’s Facebook Live or Youtube.

Asagohan Club

The club born on March 2021, runs by a Ramadhan preparation class based in Indonesia and operates by young Muslims in Japan, that bring Islamic lessons every morning after Fajr prayer on zoom. They invite not only Muslims in Japan, but also those who are not Muslims but are interested in knowing more about Islam and Muslims or interacting with Muslims. You will need to register to join the lesson to get the meeting link.


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Cafe Kawthar

Cafe Kawthar is a homey space in Nagoya that accommodates young Muslims in Japan to have a strong bond with each other. The cafe holds Qur’an group reading every Sunday and events/workshops on the weekend (check the schedule below).

Japan Muslim Association

It is an organization that runs by Japanese Muslims and covers Islamic activities for Muslims, especially Japanese Muslims. They hold online seminars and dinner parties after iftar (need reservation, limited number of people), announced on their Facebook and website.

Islamic Center Japan

Islamic Center Japan is an organization of Muslims in Japan born in 1980 that conducted various Islamic activities. They are regularly holding online seminars and learning programs that are shared on their Facebook.