Celebration of the Holy Month

After the pandemic hit, it prevents us to enjoy and celebrate Ramadan as we have to. We couldn’t go to have iftar and do Taraweeh together since we couldn’t gather because of the infection measurements. The condition is slowly getting better since last year when some places allowed iftar with a very limited number of people joining and strict measurements for jama’ah who want to join the Taraweeh and the Eid prayer.

How does Ramadan 2022 in Japan? Let us report how the condition is going on!

Having Iftar Together!

Yes! We can do iftar together at the mosques! Everyone loves having iftar together since it makes the bonds among Muslims stronger. Same with last year, the number of people joining is limited and we still need to register and secure a slot through the link provided by the mosque to be able to join the event. As everyone gets in use with the infection measurements, the iftar is held with strict social distance, no speaking during enjoying the iftar meals and finish it as quickly as possible.

Iftar registration at Assalam Mosque (Ueno Okachimachi, Tokyo)

Iftar registration at Tokyo Camii (click on the calendar on the page to reserve)

*Mosques or Muslim communities close to you might offer the same services, please kindly check with them.

Iftar meals to be enjoyed at Assalam Masjid (Okachimachi, Tokyo)

Taraweeh With Social Distance (and Wearing a Mask!)

Social distance and wearing a mask are still becoming two important measurements. Most mosques hold Taraweeh prayer together, those who want to join can walk in without having a need to register in advance.

We recommend bringing your own prayer mat and prayer clothes as one of the infection measurements.

Joining Islamic Lessons

Some mosques and communities hold Islamic lessons during Ramadan that help strengthen our faith as well as the bond among Muslims in Japan. Information about Islamic lessons, what, where, and how to join are available in this article about Ramadan activities in Japan.

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